Rookie Blue Review: A Little Bit of Hope

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"Homecoming" was all about having hope. Hope that things could change. Hope that the future would be brighter than today.

And, if you're a Sam and Andy shipper, hope that these two could be together after all.

Bank Robbery

But our favorite couple certainly wasn't the only story. Noelle was back! She looked great and Ollie ended up taking her to a double homicide... that ended up being a proposal from Frank. 

It was funny, romantic and just a tad evil. Just perfect for Frank and Noelle, as was evident in this Rookie Blue quote...

Frank: You are the most amazing person I've ever met. My best friend in the world and if I'm lucky you'll also agree to be my wife.
Noelle: I'm going to kill you. | permalink

I couldn't believe Frank was doing this in front of everyone, but after a moment it made sense. These people were their family because that's what 15 Division is to Frank and Noelle. Frank wanted their family there for this happy occasion. Hopefully there will be many more to come.

Chris had a month to go before he headed off for Timmons. At first I thought he was simply making this move because he thought he should "do the right thing" and make a go of it with Denise for the sake of his son. The problem with that is that Christian will know if his Dad is miserable. Then he shared with Dov his thoughts on living in the big city...

Chris: I've been around long enough to know that they're all bad days, at least for somebody. | permalink

If he truly feels that his son would be safer growing up in Timmons, then I could understand making that move. Although he couldn't seem to put down the picture of that house. My guess is that Chris will leave but that doesn't mean he won't be back.

Dov finally broke his vow of celibacy... with a badge bunny in a bar restroom. Not exactly true love and I'm hopeful that Chloe doesn't stick around.

However, Dov definitely deserved the celebration bathroom sex. He and Chris kicked some serious butt in that take down. 

Nick and Gail were all contradictions once again. Gail still couldn't quite figure out if she wanted to hit him or kiss him. I couldn't blame her for holding on to some of that anger. Six months was a long time to get stood up.  

When he told Gail the decision to take the long term undercover assignment wasn't about them, I couldn't help but think that that's the problem right there. Gail was so secondary that she never even played into his decision.

Then, after listening to the woman in the hospital, he did a complete turn around and asked Gail to move in with him. I loved that Gail immediately kissed him - and that she said no. I think these two need a little more time to work things out before they take that step. 

Traci's was that saddest story of the night. As she told Chris, working late every night was easier than heading home, alone. Throwing herself into her work appears to be the best way for Traci to deal with the loss of Jerry right now. I hope she finds some happiness before the end of this season.

My only complaints for the episode had to do with Andy's police work. Why would she run into the bank alone when Shaw was just inside the store? If she'd only poked her head in for a moment he would have followed her into that scene. 

I figured the entire case probably circled back around to Darren's wife, only my first thought was that she was having an affair. That her loser ex wanted to kill her new husband was a twist I didn't see coming.

One of my favorite scenes was Traci and Andy running into Cruz in the park. Andy was begging Traci to giver her a reason to hate Sam's new significant other. (I, of course, need no reason, as her being with Sam is more than enough.)

I couldn't have loved Ollie Shaw more than I did in this episode. He's such a Sam and Andy shipper. If anyone can help bring our dynamic duo back together it's Shaw.

I almost cheered when Sam and Andy had an actual conversation about their breakup in his truck.  

Andy: Sam, you broke my heart.
Sam: Well, you got me back. | permalink

Where does that leave them? I wish I knew but it certainly felt more hopeful than where we were left last week.

And in the ever wise words of Oliver Shaw…

Look, you're Andy McNally. You don't give up. | permalink

If that didn't give McSwarek shippers hope, I don't know what will.


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@michelle, YES!! I meant to mention that, I totally saw Nick's reaction to Andy entering the bar, then Swarek. I think that's part of the reason he quickly went & asked Gail to move in with him. Peter Mooney (Nick) has hinted in interviews that bits of Nick & Andy's undercover relationship will start to bleed into their real life which will make things complicated for Swarek and Gail.


Did anyone else see Nick looking at Andy (and Swarek) entering the bar?
What was that about?


The girl Dov hooked up with Chloe, isn't a badge bunny, she's a new rookie in 15 & she's Frank's goddaughter! Awkward!!


re cont... It didnt want to post my last bit. That's because there is only one Andy McNally and the sooner he realizes that the better for us Rookie Blue fans and McSwarek shippers! :)




OLLIE WAS MY HERO TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the only one who seems to see there connection and is going to fight for them to be together or at least give them a shot. I loved when he forced them to work together, or that he was there for andy at the bar, and told sam he needed to talk to andy, BUT the best scene was his speech to Andy. He has faith that they will find a way to be together and it gave me hope (as you mentioned). Andy going into the bank by herself is typical Andy, she acts before she thinks. To have her wait for back up would be out of character, Yes it gets her into trouble but that's where the drama comes in. Best line of the night though goes to Sam- "She isn't you"

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