TV Fanatic Round Table: Best Season Finale

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The 2012-2013 television season is behind us.

And while the TV Fanatic staff is looking forward to a number of summer shows, we're also taking a few moments to look back, answering one simple question below: What was the best finale of the past season?

Scroll down for a number of responses and then vote on your own...

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Miranda Wicker: This isn't even a question: Scandal. There was resolution. There was a setup for season 3. There was one hell of a shocking revelation and cliffhanger. Hands down, that was how to end a season.

Jim Garner: Nashville. Honestly, I spent the better part of that episode in tears for one reason or another. So powerful!

Chandel Charles: Scandal and Revenge were both doozies for me. So they definitely top my list for non-cable drama season finales.

Leigh Raines: My obvious choice is Scandal. That white fedora and the end reveal… sigh. What will i do without my gladiators all summer? Honorable mention The Vampire Diaries: really brought it back for the final episode.

Lisa Palmer: The Americans. Another great setup for a second season and the best use of a song in its final moments: Peter Gabriel's "Games Without Frontiers."

Carla Day: Arrow's finale was flawless. It was action-packed from start to finish with the race to save the city. The thriller aspect of the show and the finale provided the framework for the real heart of the series. The personal interactions, choices, and sacrifices were the driving emotional force that pulled at heart strings from the start to finish. It was never predictable and that means that the good guys don't always win.

Carissa Pavlica: Arrow, for going completely against what the audience would expect of a comic book setup by killing the hero's best friend and not falling for his father's rhetoric, saving the girl despite her devotion to said friend and losing his own life in the process. They essentially turned the formula on its head and made it work beautifully. Sad for viewers, brilliant for the show.

Lisa Palmer: The Good Wife. It completely reset a series that was in danger of growing stale. Now I can't wait for the next season!

Nick McHatton: Grimm! It's a complete game change for the show and I don't know if I can wait for the season premiere in the fall.

Kate Brooks: Elementary featured the Irene Adler/Moriarty jaw dropping reveal. Epic.

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What was your favorite finale from the past month?


Anybody who watched The Good Wife finale and didn't come away thinking "damn, they flipped the script" is deaf, dumb, and blind. It was brilliant. Revenge was good too. And I don't understand the big fuss over Scandal. Granted, I've only watched 3 episodes stretched over the 2 seasons, but it's as soap opera as soap opera gets. The only thing shocking about the finale was the very end, where Olivia said, "Dad?" And as someone who grew up watching soap operas, I should have seen that one coming.


Grey's anatomy, Scandal &Arrow Grey's as my favorite


How I Met Your Mother, Grey's Anatomy & Once Upon A Time


How I Met and Grey's were both incredible

Spindae 2o

come on guys it's obvious Grey's Anatomy NAILED IT. They had the drama, they had the emotions,they had the action, they had LOVE. And I don't know a show which can perform on this level on their 9th Season.


How I meet Your mother,CM and POI


I'm saying this not just because I am a Castle fan. I watched the finales of Grimm, Arrow, Grey's too.


Have to say Castle's finale was special. Yes it wasn't as perfect as season 3/4 finales but it is for the very nature of its imperfection that made it so good. This season went from happy and sexy to sad, conflicted and angry and the finale complemented these emotions perfectly. Plus it opens up a whole new range of directions for the show to take on!
Also special mention should go to Grey's Anatomy.


Seen all in the list, and gotta agree Arrow finale was simply a notch about the rest. If you are voting for any other show, it's because you haven't seen the Arrow finale.


Saw The Good Wife, Arrow, The Americans and Elementary from your list. However in my mind Person of Interest had the best finale. After an hour of action, drama, humour and suspense the final scene has me wondering what is coming next and wanting the 3rd season to start immediately. Exactly what a season finale should do.