Jennifer Morrison Talks Once Upon a Time Season 3, Pleads for a Boyfriend

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Is Jennifer Morrison on Team Neal or Team Hook?

Neither. In an exclusive interview with TV Fanatic at Comic-Con, the Once Upon a Time star looked ahead to Season 3 and made it clear: She's on Team Emma Needs a Boyfriend As Soon As Possible and It Doesn't Really Matter Who It Is!

The actress also touched upon the dangerous boat ride her character embarked on to conclude Season 2, while teasing what might lie ahead pertaining to her relationship with Regina and others on board.

Check it out now and take note: Once Upon a Time Season 3 premieres on September 29. Watch a teaser then check out this Q&A:

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She should definitely end up with Neal, at first I was like dude go for hook he's freaking hot but, now I'm all team Neal!! It's cool if she has some action with Captain sexy but Neal is the one she should up with. True love always wins and that's totally Emma and Neal (this is his second chance he deserves)


I have only recently read interviews with the authors of OUAT after Season's 3 premier barely two days ago, and, they said that the tension between Hook and Emma...will only stay tension. They called it "Captain Swan has shipwrecked. Emma is focusing on saving Henry and is still mourning over Neal. But Emma and Neal WILL be reunited." I think this is great news for all Swanfire shippers out there! :)


definitely Team Hook! CAPTAIN SWAN all the way baby!

Aja bird

I'm on Team Emma. :) It's really too bad Graham was killed off.


i'm definitely on team Hook. I'm a huge fan of Hook so it's obvious that i would want him to get in an interesting relationship with Emma and besides the two have so much in common and they have this amazing banter that i can't get enough of. Emma/Neal seems like the obvious choice and i like things to get a little twisted so yup TEAM CAPTAIN SWAN!


I guess I'm for Emma and Neal since I'm a fan of Michael, and I loved the turn that storyline took (though it was abruptly dropped and wasn't explored thoroughly). However, I'm for Hook getting some action too.

Ronald simkins

And Henry could hook up with Tinkerbell or Ariel since everybody on shows have to have a one on one relationship. Maybe Rump could cheat on Bell with Regina. Of course as in the Panel on Comic con Charming said not with my daughter vis a vis Hook.


A Hook/Emma pairing would definitely make for more interesting television.
For one, they have WAY more chemistry than Emma/Neal.
2. Think of the conniption that Rumpel would have if Hook was a potential step-father to his grandson... While I usually root for the nice guy - I'm definitely on team Hook.


I am on Team Hook/Emma, i want her with a guy who will fight for her etc Loves her how she deserves to be loved, and challenges her, and Hook and Emma can challenge each other, and so much more.


Jennifer is so cute and funny. I don't blame her for wanting Emma to have a boyfriend. The girl's had no love since the show started and they seem to kill off, banish, or turn grown men into little boys to keep her from any romance. I like the idea of Emma, Neal, and Henry as a family but she and Hook could be really hot. Hopefully she'll find some sort of love life this season.

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