Avan Jogia Talks Twisted: On Manipulation, Love Triangling and More!

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Only one episode remains on Twisted Season 1 - and in anticipation of Tuesday's finale, we caught up with the show's main star himself, Avan Jogia.

What can we expect from Jo and Lacey? Danny's manipulation? And the other developments hanging over the heads of various characters?

Avan Jogia on Twisted

Lots of young viewers, including my nieces and nephews, know Jogia as Beck from Victorious, a series that was an upbeat comedy on Nickelodeon... and Twisted is definitely the opposite. It involves murder, manipulation and the portrayal for Jogia of someone who could be a sociopath.

That's quite the adjustment.

"Danny's a great manipulator," the star said. "There's always a reason he's playing a certain side."

Avan has been able to bring a lot of empathy to the role of a teenager who spent five years in jail for murdering his aunt. His motive behind the killing? Just one of the many mysteries of the show. Another huge aspect of the drama has been Danny's triangle with his two childhood best friends, Jo (Madelaine Hasson) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury). 

Now that the trio is older, romantic entanglements have entered the picture. At the moment Danny only has eyes for Lacey, but insists on protecting Jo as a little sister. Might there be more to the Danny/Jo relationship? Jogia confirmed that there was "more scope" and it was definitely part of a bigger plot of wanting to protect Jo. We should keep an eye on his aunt's past murder. He is indeed protecting Jo from a certain truth.

As far as Jogia's own opinion of the heated love triangle, he doesn't understand how people can make it such a fight: "I find it interesting that it's such a heated debate. Danny's main goal is always to bring the three of them together."

In summary, this is a show much like Pretty Little Liars where you need to keep an eye on everyone. No one is completely innocent. 

"The show presents suspicion to everyone's character. Things that are devious are often hiding in plain sight."

Tune in to the Twisted finale next Tuesday on ABC Family at 9 p.m.


eu amo o Avan jogia ele e talentoso lindo e tudo de bom pra ele

Sarah silva

It is not the season 1 finale. It is the summer finale like they have with Pretty Little Liars!


I also think that Jo could be the sociopath who's been manipulating Lacey and Danny all along. It would explain why Jo has never doubted Danny's innocence and would also suggest that she knew about Danny and Lacey and was trying to make Lacey feel guilty by acting like the better friend. If that were the case, then I'd actually forgive the writers for constantly trying to make Jo appear to be the saint. And since I'm on a roll with crazy predictions, I'll also add that I don't think Archie framed Danny, but I think he's being set up to make it look that way. Something happened that made Archie go from feeling sympathy towards Danny to wanting to completely throw him under the bus at the trial, which makes me think he's being manipulated too.


Danny's main goal is to bring the three of them together." Hmn I really don't know about that, you are going to change the friendship dynamics when you start sleeping with one of them. That lierally ruined everything. Plus why didn't he tell Jo at the very beginning that he was interested in Lacey? Isn't Jo supposed to be his best friend? C'mon, he tried to kiss Lacey in the pilot, he knew there was something more than friendship right from he start. In my opinion, all of this drama would have been avoided if he had just confessed to Jo he liked Lacey from the start. Now he''ll probably want to pursue Jo and there won't be much of a friendship left when he's done messing around wih both of them. Unless the girls move on, they will never be 100% friends. Even if they get along, secretly, they will always be frenemies.


This line is such a terrific clue: "Things that are devious are often hiding in plain sight." It makes me think that anyone can be a criminal or sociopath, even the person you least suspect. And that includes even Jo or Lacey. I wonder if the knowledge Danny is protecting Jo from is that she played a role in killing Tara? That goes a step beyond the theory that maybe Danny is protecting Jo because she's related to him. Cannot wait for the mid-finale episode for more reveals and more clues!!! Oh, and Dacey better get back together soon -- epic couple in the making right there!


Wish there was more info but great interview regardless! It would be cool to see more of Danny's manipulative side going forward as that's part of what sets Danny's character apart - Avan does an amazing job playing him. I also understand Avan's confusion -- its not really a triangle when Danny and Lacey clearly have romantic feelings for each other and Danny treats Jo like a sister (not sure where you get "little" from - they're the same age aren't they?) and even states to another guy (Tyler) that "she's like my sister." Once Jo gets over her crush, its obvious that there are two very different relationships at play.

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