Katey Sagal Interview: Gemma in "Pretty Good Place" on Sons of Anarchy Season 6

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When we last saw Gemma on Sons of Anarchy, the ostracized matriarch was seemingly making her move back into the club...

... by kicking Tara into the clink.

Did Gemma really turn the mother of her grandchild in for her role in Otto's prison murder? Katey Sagal says we'll find out early in Sons of Anarchy Season 6, while also teasing that Gemma is actually in a "pretty good place" when we see her again on September 10.

Watch the exclusive Q&A now:

In other interviews we conducted at Comic-Con with members of the Sons of Anarchy cast:


Can I just say how absolute bullcrap it is that Gemma is more than likely going to end up being very happy by the show's end and everyone else is going to go through hell?? This is what pisses me off most: Gemma will win in the end. While everyone else is going through hell, Gemma seems to be getting all she wants. The Club will be intact by the show's end, but more than likely it'll cost the lives of a few members--including Jax--and this woman who is half of the reason why the Club is in such a shitty place gets to continue to reign. It's bull. She's gone through one--or maybe 2--bad seasons. I don't believe Gemma is a good person, so why can't there be some comeuppance? She's a big reason as to why Jax's father is dead. How much lower can you get than that???? You're a big reason as to why your ONLY child lost his father!
I hate this woman. But I love to hate her, so I continue to watch in hopes that she dies the same way Tig's daughter did.

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