Longmire Season Finale Sneak Peek: Where's Walt?

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Longmire Season 2 comes to a close tonight.

What can fans expect from the episode "Tuscan Red? Look for Walt to investigate an explosion that takes place on the reservation, while Branch will reconnect with Cady in her father's absence. What might that lead to? You'll need to tune in and find out.

But TV Fanatic has posted an exclusive clip from the season-ender below to whet your appetite for this intriguing drama. Check it out now:


My wife and I are big Longmire fans and for some reason we missed the last episode. I looked and looked and this is the first information I have found. I would think they would just run them all again, we missed a few during the season, too. If the finale was "Bad medicine" I think we saw that. I miss it, there are only a few programs I like that are on regular channels, not HBO, Showtime and Encore. Not to mention Cinemax, the salacious channel. Those four are the main channels I watch, I could live without HBO but my son ordered it for us and I appreciate it. I don't watch the sit-coms on regular TV at all, I did watch "Duck Dynasty" for several episodes last year, it was mildly interesting as I do like Cajuns and rednecks as I am a redneck (to a certain extent) myself.


WTH? Tuscan Red was weeks ago....LOL


I've missed seeing any coverage of Longmire on the site. "Tuscan Red" aired almost a month ago, by the way. It was the ninth episode of the season, not the finale. I believe the finale is entitled "Bad Medicine" for season two.

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