Necessary Roughness Review: Life On the Death Star

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Necessary Roughness gave fans exactly what they'd been waiting for this week, as Nico finally told Dani the truth - but then quickly took a strange turn as things got even weirder at V3.

The V3 Puzzle

"The Games Afoot" flashed back to Nico's encounter with the FBI 11 months ago where they laid out all of the possible federal charges against him... and then made a deal. If he infiltrated V3, he could walk away with a clean slate and begin life anew in Dallas. Being no fool, Nico acceptedl.

Dani now knows the truth but she's still putting the brakes on moving her relationship forward with Nico. I really couldn't blame her. It's a lot to take in, yet I was happy when she asked him directly whether or not he still planned on moving to Dallas. This time she admitted she'd miss him. Nico reminded her that the last time this came up she told him the team would miss him.

Dani confessed that since she was with Matt at the time, saying anything else wouldn't have been fair. Maybe it's time to stop playing fair and get in the game.

Even though their personal life was on hold, Nico and Dani were still working together behind the scenes as they tracked down Crabcheck. But as Dani pointed out in this Necessary Roughness quote, trying to act like everything was normal at work wasn't going to be easy…

What am I suppose to do while you're tracking him down, just skip on back to the Death Star like it's Disneyland? | permalink

But things were even stranger than usual at V3. Paloma returned after a two-week absence and tried to charge Troy with harassment. Unfortunately for her, I'd guess Troy was also sleeping with the woman in Human Resources because she was quick to make sure Troy knew all. 

Hopefully Paloma being fired isn't the end of her story.  

Then TK faced a possible career-ending injury. Was it a coincidence that Sheera was suddenly okay with the prenup when she realized that her income might just end up being higher than TK's?

And it turned out that V3's very special doctors at their super clinic were running some Dr. Frankenstein workshop behind the scenes. What is this experimental treatment they're about to conduct on TK and why does he have to sign a confidentiality clause to get it?

Turns out Abigail Bruce may be the key player in the fight to control V3; that is, if the FBI doesn't take down the entire organization first. Honestly, I didn't think she should side with either man. Connor's pleas sounded as though her were playing her and Troy was just his sleazy self. 

How will the clinic tie in to the FBI's case? Will Abby Bruce really side with Troy over Connor to take control of V3? Who will end up on top and who will be out in the cold when all of this ends? And, more importantly, with Nico and Dani finally hit the sheets before the season ends? With only a couple more weeks to go what's your guess on what will happen on Necessary Roughness?


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I'm glad i decided not to give up on this season because things are finally getting good. I can't wait to see how everything wraps up.


It just occurred to me that the 800lb gorilla in the room of Dani and Nico is Dani. Nico is one the those guys that is going to force Dani's hand. She must come to him. I have to say she is doing everything to avoid doing just that. I wonder why? Last season she had her therapist, her best friend and even her sister and mother to explain her feelings about Matt and the unnamed mysterious guy. However now that there is no one in her way, we the audience are being stonewalled. I have to say the anticipation is killing me. She knows how he feels about her, maybe the problem is how she feels about him. Last season she stated she was "dangerously attracted" to him. I thought it referred to Nico's persona, now I realize its about her feelings for him are possibly too strong. Is she falling dangerously in love? Hmm...


This episode didn't give us everything we hoped for, or else Dani wouldn't have put the brakes on a possible relationship with Nico. But, Nico coming clean, and we assume he did but it's possible he's holding something back, was a good step. Still enjoying Sheera; she provides TK a storyline for growth, but I'm dubious it will last. I don't think TK would be happy with someone more settled, but that may be what he needs. An athlete getting experimental medical treatment? Old news. Usually those clinics are in Germany or Switzerland.

Ronald simkins

Nico and Dani? I do not understand where all the slashfic was coming from with them. I am more interested in TK, Rex and Jim (Much better actors). I also would like to find out how "Butterscotch" fared.


"Was it a coincidence that Sheera was suddenly okay with the prenup when she realized that her income might just end up being higher than TK's?" No, Christine, I do not believe that was a coincidence. I don't trust that heifer. Nico and Dani! Even though they didn't kiss in this episode, that almost-kiss made me tingle. Matt was a great guy, but Nico has swagger (to borrow a term from the younger generation). He's mysterious, but his feelings for Dani are very clear. I do hope they work their feelings out for each other. Truthfully, though, it's hard to imagine Dani with a man like Nico, but I hope it works out. As for V3, perhaps the drug trial/experiment was financed by the embezzled charity money, and that's how it will tie in to the FBI investigation. If Abigail Bruce is really as smart as she wants people to think she is, she'll find a way to take down Connor and Troy but still save V3 or its clients for herself.


That was one of the best episodes this season! Finally, things are coming together! Just hope this experimental drug doesn't hurt TK the way it did Crabcheck and Hutch.

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Necessary Roughness Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

What am I suppose to do while you're tracking him down, just skip on back to the Death Star like it's Disneyland?


Federal Agent: Conviction on any of these could mean years of prison time.
Nico: I'll catch up on my summer reading.