Rookie Blue Review: The Downfall of Love

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Falling in love can be an amazing, life-affirming experience…or it can hurt like hell. Add in a fair amount of "Deception" and you can count on the latter.

In my interview with Racheal Ancheril earlier this week, she spoke about Sam and Marlo being put to the test. She wasn't kidding.

A Private Investigation

Marlo has been juggling too many secrets. It was only a matter of time before they all came spilling out.: Her bipolar disorder, her off the books investigation of a possible pedophile and the fact that she's fallen in love with Sam Swarek. 

On the up side, Marlo was right. Kevin Ford was a pedophile and her after-hours investigation may have stopped him from doing harm to another child. But as the case appeared to push Marlo into a manic episode, Andy was forced to let Sam in on her secret. 

Sam immediately went into rescue mode because that's what Sam does. He protects the people he cares about even if it means bending the rules. Even if it means breaking them.

Unfortunately, this time he couldn't do it alone. He needed Andy's help and when she balked about forging an entry in Marlo's notebook, he leveraged their feelings for one another to change her mind. It wasn't fair on his part but it was necessary to save Marlo's career. 

In the end, Andy told him that she didn't do it for him. She did it for Marlo - and I believed her. 

That brings us to Marlo's third secret. She's fallen in love with Sam Swarek.

I don't think she expected that to happen. She once said that she and Sam worked because they were able to keep a certain amount of emotional distance. Was closing that distance part of Marlo's downfall? Did the strength of her feelings for Sam coupled with the intensity of the Kevin Ford case trigger her manic episode? 

All I know for certain is that when Marlo shared her feelings with Andy in this Rookie Blue quote, she looked so devastated that I wanted to cry for her.

I fell in love. I just want to feel it, McNally like everyone else gets to. Instead of fearing it, tamping it down, driving it away. | permalink

I don't know what happens next for Marlo but much like Andy, I've grown to care about her and I hope she sticks around. 

Keeping Marlo's secrets lead to several other deceptions. Andy had to lie to Oliver, who wasn't thrilled about being ditched. In the end he simply kept doing his job and solved the case.  More importantly, Andy lied to Nick and he knew it. 

In the scene where Andy wakes Nick, you could see how in love he is with her. It was written all over his face. It couldn't have been easy hearing Traci say that Sam took off to deal with the "latest McNally crisis." Ouch!  Even worse was having his new girlfriend lie to his face about it. 

But Andy came back and opened up to Nick. She's tired of the secrets and lies. She's tired of playing by Sam Swarek's rules. I think if Sam wants her back, he's going to have to start playing by hers. 

Traci was a powerhouse this week as Sam ditched her to help Marlo. Her drug sweep turned deadly when a rival gang decided to take out the competition on her watch. 

i couldn't believe that Sam wouldn't pick up the phone when she called him, but Traci's proving to be quick on her feet. She knew she needed backup and she called Steve. 

Every week I find myself rooting for these two a little more. I loved the two of them in the elevator. If that had been Sam Swarek with Traci, it would have been all about confidence and bravado. Instead we had a nervous Traci calling out an equally nervous Steve.

You better watch it Nash. You keep calling me on my crap I'm going to fall for you even harder than I already am. | permalink

The look the two shared when the takedown of the two gunmen went off without a hitch was filled with equal parts elation and disbelief. 

After turning him down for weeks, Steve finally made a lasting impression. Traci took a huge step and asked him if he wanted to go out and celebrate. 

Steve: Say I wanted to get to first base. Are we going to have to take down a whole crime family or something? | permalink

He's going to be one of those guys you don't know whether you want to kiss him or hit him and I couldn't be happier. Traci deserves to have some fun. 

Finally, we get to Chris. Poor Chris. It was hard to tell if he was deceiving himself or just desperately trying to hold it all together. It's probably a little bit of both. 

He loves Christian like he's his son... only he isn't. But since Chris is the only father Christian has ever known I really hope he doesn't walk out on the boys life all together. 

And despite borderline exhaustion and having to endure meat cocktails (meat cocktails?!?) Dov and Gail proved to be good sports as they slapped smiles on their faces in order to be help Chris.

So do you think Marlo's in the clear? Will she and Sam stay together or will this secret and his lingering feelings for Andy tear them apart? With two episodes left in Rookie Blue season 4, is there any future for McSwarek? 


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Great episode! I think what I like about Andy and Nick is that they have fun together - what they are missing is chemistry. Sam and Andy need to figure out why they keep holding back, get together and start having fun again. Love Marlo's character so please keep her but not with Sam. Keep Chloe and Gail working together - it is a hoot to watch their interactions - similiar to why it's fun to watch Andy and Marlo together. The differences between the characters make them interesting because they grow and learn from each other. Maybe that's why we like Andy and Sam together and not Nick. Any scene with Oliver is a good one - my favorite character!!!!


Finish the season in which viewers have witnessed separate confessions of love from Sam (4x10) and Andy (4x13) but will not be together.
As BB said "be together but not in the way that the fans want" .


I like Chloe and Nick that he with Andy.
I see no chemistry between them. They are two friends who are hanging out.


Poor Sam. He was dazed and dislocated by the events of M. He did not know that she was suffering from the disease (Andy yes). Andy is calling you with the intention of covering up for M.
When Andy asks "what to do" after knowing the truth. Sam replies, "I do not know".
Then wonder why Andy is so angry at the end?
She knows him knows that is loyal and protective She told him to cover it up because I was in trouble. And then Andy does, Sam reproaches his behavior?! Andy false morality. With his friends, his mentor, what is happening to you? You lost your way?


I loved this episode and have officially converted to a Nick and Andy fan. Their personalities are a match. I am so over Sam and Andy, and now when u see Nick and Andy together you can see they are completely right for each other... Both fun, light, honest, straightforward, no games, same values, closer in age, they both smile a lot. Much better chemistry that is based on friendship and not drama. I now look back and see Sam and Andy's relationship as almost paternal or big brother-like and not a long-lasting relationship were you grow old together. Nick and Andy have that. Also loving Steve and Tracy. Never would've thought it but that line in the elevator got me. Nice. Another great and interesting match. And Marlo. Wow. Nice turn of events. I like her now. Great storyline opportunities here and she is so great when she confesses to Andy (!) that she loves Sam. Also, How great was Andy in saying she didn't do it for Sam but for Marlo. Was that great or what? I actually think that Marlo and Sam make the better couple. Sorry guys. :-) Love this show!


Season 4 is shaping up to be the best season ver. I re-watched each episode at least twice! I noticed the Nick-Andy chemistry way back to season 3 psychic episode, and thought at that time that they would make an interesting pair if they weren't already taken!
I also like the new additions Steve, Marlo, Chloe, they add interesting element to RB.
I am officially a NcCollins supporter. Marlo-Sam is beginning to grow on me as well, as Gail-Holly, Traci-Seve and Dov-Chloe. Can't wait for the final two episodes.


I liked the back story. It was solid and well built. Traci and Steve good start. Nick and Chloe, good chemistry between them, are seen either as a couple. I like Dov and Gail, even when I think Gail would make a good match with Luke. As for Sam and Andy, the performance of BB in showing us a defeated and confused Sam was once again great. Andy's struggle not to recognize that what he did was for him, also deserves a good Starring by MP.
Keep looking the chemistry between them and the struggle for the lack of communication, but we know that those 2 are "more in love than ever," just do not realize it.
I hope the eps. end gifting us some hope.


andy I do not see why you feel so angry when he knew of the illness of M and M never tried to communicate it to Frank or take any decision to avoid the disaster that occurred happened in 4x11.
Andy often forgets that she pinned Sam (Tommy). At that time did not seem "bad" Sam rules.
He ran for it when he was shot in the festival, in the warehouse fire, rescues in 4x1 while in UC. The accepted when she kills for the first time an offender (memorable 1x7).
We know that is honest and does not like the transgression but she was with JD when he was undercover knowing it was wrong, so his anger and his anger is not justified now, she and only she chose Sam help, not by M, just to Sam.


The acting really carried a difficult-to-watch episode in terms of what's going on with these characters. Ollie's voice mail was the hi-light, but kudos to Rachael for pulling off so many challenging emotional scenes! Ben also played Sam being completely thrown for a loop, out of his depth, and just scrambling desperately to buy enough time to prevent a disaster. Missy also killed me in portraying Andy's more obvious and real-time mixed feelings about what they were doing. I'm really curious how the repercussions and Luke's obvious suspicions will play out once the bullets start flying in the next two episodes. Thank goodness we had the Stash flirtation to balance things out a little because the heavy story lines were such a gut punch.


I thought it was a good episode. I know people will be disgusted, but I really enjoy Nick and Andy together. I also really enjoy Sam and Marlo as a pair...

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