DVD Giveaway: The Complete Series of Mama's Family Signed by Vicki Lawrence!

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For the true TV Fanatic, nothing better than when a complete series comes out on DVD, right? We’ve got a welcome blast from the past here with the complete series of the sitcom, Mama’s Family.

Now available from StarVista Entertainment, you’ll see that they’ve spared no expense with a beautiful collector’s box and a ton of extras that would make even Mama proud!

Mama’s Family ran for six seasons (two on NBC and four in syndication) with 130 episodes focusing on the Harper family led by Mama herself, Vicki Lawrence. A spin-off from The Carol Burnett Show, the series took us into the wacky home life of Thelma Harper and her crazy family including son Vinton (Ken Berry), his wife Naomi (Dorothy Lyman) as well as regular appearances by unruly daughter Eunice (Carol Burnett), her husband Ed (Harvey Korman) and sister Ellen (Betty White).

The Complete Series is only available by ordering online from Time/Life and, for the true TVFanatic, Vicki Lawrence hand-signed only 500 copies (valued at $299.95) and we have one of those copies to giveaway to YOU along with a Certificate Of Authenticity!

Mama's Family DVD

Ten hours of bonus material makes the 24-DVD set even more exciting. You’ll get the Mama’s Family Cast reunion, exclusive 1:1 with Lawrence and Burnett, Vicki Lawrence interviewing Mama, a new Betty White interview, the made-for-TV movie Eunice as well as an exclusive collector’s book, Mama’s Family Album, that comes with funny quotes, character bios and a family tree. The first two seasons also come with hilarious intros by Korman as Alistair Quince.

The Signature Set, which comes in a collector’s box and signed by Lawrence, retails for $299.95. The regular set retails for $199.95.

TV Fanatic has ONE (1) Vicki Lawrence-signed copy of the Mama’s Family Complete Series to give away and all you have to do is enter in the box below before Monday, September 16. U.S. entries only, please. Good luck!! 

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For more information or to order your own copy today, visit www.mamasfamilydvds.com.

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would love to win this DVd movie of Mama's Family


Okay, so who won????? Anxious HERE!


I was really excited to find out that the complete series of Mama's Family


There are no words to describe my affection and love for this show. Mama's Family is by far my favorite television sitcom of all time! The entire cast Tickle me pink from their hilarious humor and engaging charm. I can't tell you how much it would mean to me to own such an amazing and brilliant show all to myself to share with my family and friends. This is such a great contest because I cried when i saw the price of the box set. I have never won anything in my life and If I was lucky enough to win Mama it would definitely brighten my day. My DVD player would never get a break from watching these shows over and over. Oh I wish everyday could be a Mama's Family day. Thank you Vicki and cast for bringing such Joy into my life for such a very long time :-)


Let me clarify....the Vicki Show meaning her talk show. I always watched Mama's Family in the afternoons with my Dad!


I was just pouting as to how I couldn't afford this wonderful release of a show. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vicki Lawrence. Ever since childhood. I remember being on winter break at school and always making sure I was up in the mornings to catch The Vicki Show! I got super excited yesterday when I found out that season 2 was being released. Then I got even more excited when I found out the whole series was coming out! Then I saw the price.... :-(
I would LOVE to win something like this, especially autographed! Crossing my fingers and thanks for the chance Mr. Halterman. All the best from Atlanta Georgia!


There is no way I could possibly say which is the best show or season. When Carol Burnett series ended I was so disappointed but know that it had to end at some point. When Mama's Family came on I was totally elated. Vickie Lawrence came to Jasper, Indiana for her one woman show and it was like seeing an old friend. I hope I get selected to win the series as there is no way I could afford it at this time with getting hours cut back at work. This would be a treasure to own as I would definitely have Mama's Family night at my house and invite I know 5 of my friends that would be here to have a grand hilarious night out with Mama's gang. Thank you so much for having the contest even if I don't win I'll be glad for anyone that wins this family treasure.

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