Revolution Season 2: What's Ahead?

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Everything bad that could have happened… happened.

So says Elizabeth Mitchell regarding Revolution Season 1, which concluded with nuclear missiles in the air and which will left our heroes and heroines scramble to reverse their course.

Where will things pick up on the September 25 Season 2 premiere? With a three-month time jump… with a change of venue… with a far more mature Charlie… with Rachel breaking down… and with Neville in rags.

Watch the following extended sneak peek, which includes interviews with various cast members, and get an idea now of just where events are headed on this NBC drama:

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Great story, great characters, great acting! I only found this a few weeks ago on Netflix and watch all 20-episodes! Glad to see that it is coming back and I only had to wait a few days to get started on Season 2.


OMG its back on I am so happy:-) :-) :-)


I can't wait for this season. I can't believe it starts next week I'm so excited for it.


I think at least one of the nukes hits Atlanta since it was mentioned that Neville and Jason go to a refugee camp, and it was mentioned that Neville's wife was in Atlanta.

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