Rookie Blue Season 4 Report Card: A-

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In the Rookie Blue season 4 premiere ("Surprises") Andy said, I don't hate change. I hate surprises. Well... she and Rookie Blue fans got plenty of both this summer. But as entertaining as the season was, that doesn't change the fact that we have to wait nine whole months until Rookie Blue returns for season 5.

To make the time go by a bit faster, we're offering viewers a Rookie Blue season 4 Report Card.

Were Sam and Andy's separate love interests an important piece of their journey or an epic fail? Did the finale cliffhanger leave you wanting more? Check out our report below and tell us how you'd grade this season of Rookie Blue.

Sam's in Shock

Best Episode: "You Can See the Stars"  This was a tough call. The 13 episode season had some great moments but my favorites were from the final two hours. Chloe being shot nearly pulled "Under Fire" ahead but when Andy told Sam in the back of the ambulance, "You are my story, Sam. You." that was the end game I'd been waiting for all season long.

Worst Episode: "Friday the 13th"   Not that it was bad, per se but this episode bothered me. I know that Sam Swarek will bend, or even break the rules to protect those he cares about but here he was willing to let a man walk who had drunkenly hit an 18 year old boy. Then in trying to cover it up, killed him and hid it for years. I know Charlie was his friend and mentor but Sam's willingness to cover up such a horrendous crime felt all wrong.

Most Surprising Character: Marlo Cruz. I expected to hate her and I did…at first. But Rachel Ancheril's portrayal of the complicated woman won me over. I think I first started to fall for her in "Poison Pill" when she told Andy what she hated most in the world was, "Two girls standing in a room shouting about a guy who's not even there."  Then we watched her struggle with her bipolar disorder while falling in love with Sam Swarek and I couldn't help but feel her heartbreak.

Most Disappointing Character: Chris Diaz. I know I'll get flak for this one but for the first half of the season all Chris did was proclaim how important being a father was to him.  It was so repetitive that we couldn't help but get the point.  Then he found out that Denise lied to him and Christian wasn't his. I get it. The losses will have Chris looking at life differently and perhaps in a darker way.  To be honest, Chris has always bored me and the dramatic turn hasn't changed that. Perhaps I'll feel differently seeing where they take him in season 5.

Biggest Ray of Sunshine: Chloe Price. I never would have guessed how much this seemingly flighty, annoying chatterbox could brighten my day, or Dov Epstein's. Chloe's willingness to always be herself kept me smiling all season long.  The only cloud was her secret first marriage. Hopefully she survives the finale to explain it all to Dov and the audience.

Most Disappointing Return: Noelle. Not because Noelle was disappointing but because we didn't get nearly enough of her. Bring Noelle back to 15 Division for season 5!

Couple With the Most Potential: Traci and Steve. These two were the surprise of the season but their mutual respect for one another and entertaining banter soon had me wanting to see more. When they were about to take down the drug dealers in "Deception" and Steve told her, "You better watch it Nash. You keep calling me on my crap I'm going to fall for you even harder than I already am."  I knew these two were my new favorite couple.

Most Frustrating Story: Nick and Andy. And the reason might surprise you. I think they make a great couple. They were open with one another and they had fun. I think Nick was head over heels in love with Andy. I think Andy was seriously in-like with Nick. Maybe she could have fallen for him…if her heart didn't already belong to Sam Swarek. Knowing this couple was never meant to be made them frustrating to watch.

Hopes for Season 5:

  • Sam and Andy working on their issues TOGETHER! Enough of the romantic angst and separate lives. We've all had enough of that.
  • More Oliver and Celery. I never would have picked the beautiful Wiccan for Ollie but she makes him happier than he's been in a long time and I want to see more. 
  • Frank and Noelle got married but it felt as though we never saw them. Bring them back into the 15 Division fold. 
  • Traci and Steve, Dov and Chloe, Gail and Holly. Season 4 put together some great couples. Let's show how the stress of the job affects them but please keep them together. Watching couples having fun and/or working things out is much more interesting than constantly watching them get together just to break apart.

Overall this season put together some great couples and introduced intriguing characters. If Rookie Blue has one downfall it may be that it has too much talent to showcase in an hour each week.

Rookie Blue Season 4 Report Card:  Final Grade:  A-

Now it's your turn. Give your grade to Rookie Blue season 4:

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Best Episode: You Can See The Stars: This was by far the best episode. It contained so much raw emotion and the truth finally came out. Among all of the chaos Andy and Sam were finally honest with each other about their true feelings. Andy still loves Sam, he is her story, he always will be. Andy is also his story. She has been since the day they met :) As for Nick and Andy, Nick is not one to hold a grudge. he will move on and still be a great friend. Also the intensity with the Chloe situation is great. Worst Episode: Friday the 13th: I was not a fan of this episode either. it brought Sam outside of his character. He was about to let someone get away with murder. The real Sam Swarek would have never done that. Additionally, I felt like the story line dragged on. Most Disappointing Character: Marlo Cruz: I liked the way she was portrayed, just not the character. She lacks heart, and initiative. She is also not right for Sam. She makes a real mess of things throughout the season. Most Surprising Character: Wes: Wes came as a huge surprise to me. I definitely think he should be temporary. Also he was not interested in what was best for Chloe, it felt like he was just going against Dov. Biggest Ray of Sunshine: Miss Chloe! Chloe's openness and energy is just so contagious. She really helps lighten the mood. Most Disappointing Return: Chris Diaz: His transition back was not smooth sailing. I used to love his character in seasons 1-3 but season 4 he was just plain annoying. Bring back the old CHRIS DIAZ. Couple (s) with the MOST Potential: Tracy & Steve, Andy & Sam, Holly&Gail. Tracy and Steve are open and mutual...good start. Andy and Sam have amazing chemistry and if they can learn to communicate better they could be great. Holly and Gail. Big shift but Gail is finally at peace. Most Frustrating Story: ANDY AND NICK: Totes not meant for each other. They are like brother and sister. ugh bring back Sam and Andy GOSH! Hopes For season 5: -SAM AND ANDY TO WORK THINGS OUT
MARLO DOES NOT RETURN Great Job Rookie Blue! AMAZING Season! keep it coming Season 5! Rated Overall: A++


Best Episode: "You Can See The Stars", not necessarily the whole episode but the last 20 min turned the whole season around! Worst Episode: I have a few I didn't like most of them where too much Marlo was involved, because for a new character she got way too much screen time. So episodes 3, 5, 7, 9
I mean in Episode 7 I liked Ben Bass' acting but I didn't like the way Sam was behaving and 3,5,9 maybe even 11 were way too much focused on Marlo and her downward spiral. Most surprising character: To me it's definitely Celery. What's her last Name? I don't know I imagined her different and then she was so down to earth. And let's face it: Seeing Oliver happy is really great. Most Dissapppointing Character: Marlo Cruz
For starters I liked Rachael Ancherils portrayal when Marlo showed the effects of suffering from bi-polar disorder, because I'm personally affected by that illness. So that part was kinda true. But I didn't get why she had to have bi-polar disorder. I mean what's the point? It seems like it was just there to create drama and I think to use that illness to increase the dramatic effect was just a poor choice. And they did just go down the well-used path of someone with a mental health disorder spiraling out of control. And it only happened to create more Tension between Sam and Andy, so not really portraying the illness in a very sensitive way. I agree with your biggest Ray of sunshine and dissappointing return. Chloe's refreshing and we didn't see enough of Noelle. Couple with most potential: Stash definitely, closely followed by Oliver and his witch. Most frustrating story: It's a toss between Andy/Nick and Sam/Marlo. I mean Andy and Nick, that was like watching siblings making out. It's just wrong. Oh and Sam/ Marlo how to word it. Why did it last as Long as it did, I mean Tassie & Co. yap so much about "being real", So why did Sam stay with her after he professed to Oliver that he's still into Andy? I mean I get why he couldn't break up with her after the Happenings of 4x11 but there should've been plenty of time to do that before. I mean it was shown that they didn't spend that much time with each other and Sam didn't even realize that M was missing from Parade in 4x11. So why was he with her for so Long when it's so easy for him to Forget her? Hopes for Season 5:
No more triangles. That incluses you Wes! So shoo. Go away.
After that finale, if they really go back to Andy being with Nick I'm going to blow a fuse. I mean that wouldn't be realistic at all.
Oh, and don't go an pull a "Sam Forgets everything"/amnesia Card either. We were frustrated enough by S3 + S4. It's time for some unicorns and Ponys: Happy times.
NO MORE MARLO! Her story is told, not in a very good way, so let her just disappear like Boyd did. I mean we all know that she can't be a cop after keeping her disorder an illness had such devastating consequeces, not for herself but everyone around her. I mean she was save during everything, her co-workers were the ones who were shot at and she didn't even Show any remorse/guilt until after Sam got shot.

Sarah silva

I agree with pretty much everything you said.
I love this show and can not wait for season 5.


Interesting report card, I agreed with some point, I did not agree that episode 13 as the best, we have seen Sam being injured before, and Oliver, for the worse episode there are a couple 5, 7, 9. Chris was wasted character, he showed so much potential, and then in season 4 all we saw he stating he was a dad now, and then he found out that Christian was not his child. I hated the two new characters, I hope that they are not back in season 5, but I sure that there will be some triangle with Dov Wes and Chloe. Marlo story has been told, there is nothing less. Noelle was totally missing in this season, then they create a drama, for no reason. We need to see Noelle , Frank and the baby.
Noelle needs to be back at work
Gail and revenge sex, why.
Traci and Steve have potential
Andy and Nick I did not like the pairing, as Gail said she broke the girl code
Oliver needs some good loving


I agree with this revied especiallt the parts of sam and andy. It was def frustrating to watch the writers rip apart r true blue sam swareck this season, they made him an ass at times and i think it was completley to sway fans to the mccollins ship and have yet another triangle. they did this with andy, sam and luke in the first 2 seasons and now with nick, andy, sam and marlo, i totally agree we need to stop with the triangles involving sam and andy and have thme working on their relationship together, we know they r the lovees of each others lives, they just need to be open and honest and work on a solid relationship together and stop running. they r each others story and after the declaration andy made to sam i cant see how she could go back to nick! i just hope the writers can decide to let mcswareck be a couplre and show them working together< that could make for some great stories as well.


best episode: you can see the stars most surprisising: dov, in the first three seasons i didn't really care for him but in s4 he was mature and i really like his relationship with chloe. most frustrating story: nick/andy. they ruined their friendship for nothing.
hopes for s5:
-andy and sam together and no more love triangles
-more noelle
-more tracy/steve and gail/holly
-enough with the dark, s5 must be more light


I agree with most of the report card, particularly the need to see Sam and Andy working together personally and professionally, in S5. Yes, there will be angst but if they work together, they can work through their problems. I love RB and McSwarek of course, but this season was so dark at times. We need to see the real Sam, the one we got to know in S1 and S2 and I hope we get more lighthearted eps with Sam and Andy talking, sharing and enjoying being together. I would also like to see Sam's wicked sense of humour return when he is with Andy, bring back the lighthearted banter and teasing. I also agree with the thoughts on Nick and Andy. Andy's heart is elsewhere. She loves Sam and cares for Nick. I hope they don't drag out the whole triangle thing for too long, hopefully not at all. Sam and Andy have changed, they need to grow some more but more importantly they need to talk, share, be open with one another. Of course, lots of McSwarek PDA, hugging, kissing, shirtless Sam, would not go a miss either.


What got cut off:
Oliver and Gail got the best story lines of the minor characters in s4. Continue letting those play out, but it's Chris's turn in s5.


Ray of Sunshine: 4-way tie between Chloe, Steve, Oliver, and Celery Disappointing Return: Agree there was too little Noelle! Couple with most potential: Definitely Stash! Loved Ollie/Celery and Golly too. Most frustrating story: Nick and Andy turning the buddy thing sexual. I did love the scenes of Gail toying with Andy, but I don't like what that pairing did to the group dynamic in the long run. Also the way the writers dumped on Sam for the first 3/4 of the season. For what? Just to give Nick a fighting chance with some part of the audience? s5:
McSwarek working to make it, sans triangles. There's still lots to repair, but definitely build on those amazing break through scenes in the finale! Give all the characters (except Dov/Chloe, that's not possible) some good happy times early in s5. Everyone has been put through hell in s4, so it's time for a period of relative lightness for a while. Oliver and Gail got the best story lines of the minor characters in s4. Continue letting those play out, but it's Chris's turn in s5.


Best ep: You Can See the Stars. Best finale of the series, edging out 213. Worst ep: 405 Poison Pill. Interesting case with tainted drugs, but all personal storylines were ones I didn't like, especially Gail's revenge sex. I didn't like that they had Sam go so far in 407 either, but the acting made it one of my favs. Most surprising: Marlo. Never thought I'd feel for her, but I did in the end. Disappointing: Also Marlo. Putting a serious mental health storyline into a character in the middle of a messy love triangle just didn't sit well. Chris before & after his huge episode did disappoint me as well.

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