Rookie Blue Season Finale Review: The Hit List

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When it's dark enough "You Can See the Stars."  Well things got pretty darn dark on the Rookie Blue season 4 finale but it looks like McSwarek fans got a glimpse of the light.

I doubt I was the only one holding my breath throughout parts of this episode. Even though we had a good idea of what was about to happen, it was difficult to watch it unfold. And there were still plenty of unknowns.

Begging Andy

Thankfully, Oliver came out of it largely unscathed. In many ways Oliver Shaw is the heart of 15 Division. If they had killed him off I would have been crushed. Instead he has a concussion and a beautiful girlfriend to dote on him. Also, I was glad Celery didn't tell Ollie about Sam. He needed his rest and there was nothing he could do for his friend. That kind of bad news can always wait.

Before half the division left to track down Kevin Ford, I thought Steve and Traci were once again adorable as he strapped her into her bullet proof vest and tried to convince her to be the last in the door.

Steve: Cowardice is highly underrated, Traci. And you would know that since you're the toughest broad I know and that's saying a lot considering I grew up with Gail. | permalink

I really hope these two are a solid couple when we return for season 5.

Dov was on a roller coaster ride at the hospital. At first I was happy he'd told Wes that he and Chloe were dating. It just felt like the right thing to do and led to some very funny Rookie Blue quotes

Dov: So how does this work? We wait for her to wake up and then we duel? | permalink

Then things got serious and Wes wouldn't allow the doctors to perform life saving surgery. I had to wonder if he would have taken Dov's opinion more seriously if he didn't know about his and Chloe's personal relationship. When Wes shut Dov out of her hospital room my heart just broke for him.

But there were plenty of broken hearts in this season finale.

Marlo damn near made me cry at the end as she looked at the happy picture of her and Sam in her locker. She's lost the man she loved and most likely her career.  I've grown to care about Marlo and I really don't know where she goes from here. 

I ran the gamut of emotions with Sam Swarek. When he decided to go home, as though he were bullet proof, I was ticked off. Why must he always act like the tough guy?

Then he finally told Andy how he felt. That he couldn't spend one more minute in the same space with her and Nick. He hated the situation but he loved her.

Sam: More than anything in the world I want you to be happy, and you are with him. | permalink

And then he had to go and get shot.

That Andy immediately ran to Sam was a shock to almost no one. As much as I like Nick Collins and have enjoyed his relationship with Andy, she and Sam have always had a palpable connection that just won't die.

In the back of the ambulance, when Andy finally tells him, "You are my story, Sam. You."  I think that answered everyone's questions about with whom Andy's future lies.

And Nick proved himself to be a good guy by doing the noble thing and letting her go, even though it broke his heart. Because much like Sam, I think he loves her and wants her to be happy.

So do you think we've seen the last of Andy and Nick? Will season 5 be all about McSwarek? And who else in Rookie Blue coupledom do you want to see stay together in the future. Stay tuned for our last Rookie Blue season 4 round table in the next few days as we all endure the long wait for next summer.


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For the most part - great finale. The writers needs to focus more on them being cops and how that affects there relationships and less on pretend triagles when we know who they are going to end up with. Sam and Andy are too hot to break up but PLEASE finally stop messing around with other people and figure out your personal crap together. Fight someone else for Nick and Marlo they are both amazing actors so don't get rid of them! The whole Dov/Cloe/husband thing was boring - do not turn this into another pretend triagle. I'd like to see Dov and Gail together and Cloe and Nick. Oliver and Celery and Tracy and Steve are my favorites and you don't have to keep me interested by breaking them up so quit doing it with everyone else.


Please find another viable love interest for Nick. Maybe Chloe, then you can have a rectangle love story or a 3 on one, something the writers will really go for. Enough of the triangles and put Sam back with Andy. How can you tear apart a love story that everyone was talking about and loving and the reason everyone tuned in. Just dump it?...That's crazy.


Not missing Gail and Chris. Not missing Gail and Nick. Gail... is happy with Holly... that is why she has ALWAYS chewed up and spat out a man. She isn't happy with them...


I know everyone is so excited about Sam and Andy... Sam and Andy. Trust me... you will not like where this goes next year (if he survives, and I don't think he will)... you will be bored. There will be no will they won't they... In the end, they have both messed up big time and they will have trouble recovering from it the wake of the damage will not be easy and BOTH OF THEM tend to bail when the going gets tough. Cute little sexy bed scenes aside, they are not good for each other. AND... let us not forget who crawled from her bed that am and she was giggling and happy. This isn't as clear as "you are my story Sam"


Am i the on l'y one missing Gail and Chris??? :'-(


Oh and one more thing... REALLY TASSIE. Bailey only appears in the last episode of every RB season. MORE Bailey I love his character.


oh... and I realized something VERY important at that last scene. Season 3 we saw Sam shirtless A LOT. - LOVED IT - Season 4 we saw ONCE and he was bleeding and in cardiac arrest... Whaaaatttt!


Oh and after reading... have to agree with you all... PROPS to Peter Mooney and Matt Gordon. Stellar performances in these last few eps. I thought I would have the gut wrenching part be that... Sam is shot. Andy is professing love. I was more worried about Oliver and Nick. I think I am over the Sam and Andy thing. I don't want Sam to go away but... I am over them as a couple.


Oh and I nearly gagged when she said you are my story... Oh please... how many people have been your story... Oey!


Everyone is so... oh Sam and Andy oh... Sam and Andy. Has it occurred to anyone that this may be the LAST time we see Sam. What if Season 5 opens and he didn't make it... What if Ben Bass got a better offer? He is amazing... Could happpen. However, these writers are predictable as heck so... here's what will happen
1) Sam and Andy will be together and she will be her normal ANNOYING self
2) Nick will be gone. Re-enlisted. Back to die in Afganistan
3) Chloe will make it and she will choose Dov
4) Gail will be with Holly. Come one people. She is gay. She has always chewed up and spat out a man. It clear as day.
5) Frank was lying about Noelle she is not fine. She doesn't want anyone to know
6) Celery and Oliver will be having a baby soon. His FOURTH. Her first and it will be ADORABLE.
7) The crying scene is the last we will see of Marlo. All of you can put away your daggers that poor actress. I felt so bad for her. She was great... and she was a good fit with Sam. Dark and Twisty just like him.
8) Chris isn't going to last NOT seeing his child. Not sure what they will do with his character but they should be ramping him up next year... Don't worry... If he lives you will get plenty of McSwarek next year... and just like every other show once they are TOGETHER the show will lose it's mystery and be boring and cancelled...

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