Rookie Blue Season Finale Round Table: "You Can See the Stars"

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Rookie Blue concluded its season with a cliffhanger that had many fans joyously happy... yet left the future of several characters in question.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Michelle, Natalie, SeanAndEmma, and Nicole from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum as they debate where Rookie Blue should head after "You Can See the Stars." Join in the discussion now!


What was your favorite scene from the finale?

Michelle:  There were so many incredible scenes this week, with incredible acting in each but the one that will stay in my head until next season is the ambulance scene between Sam and Andy. Between Andy's story and confessing that she was still in love with Sam had me in tears from start to finish. The chemistry between the two was simply incredible.

Natalie: Steve Peck with Traci; openly showing he was worried about her safety but knew her well enough to know she was dedicated to her job and wouldn't back down. Also first on screen kiss! Awww.

SeanandEmma: I loved the scene when Ollie got rescued and saw Celery.

Nicole: I truly loved the McSwarek parking lot/station scenes, but it has to be the ambulance. I need to brag on Missy: It wasn't just watching a scene; it was an experience. Missy makes you feel like you're Andy in that moment, whether you've felt those emotions before or not. It was one of her best performances. Not only was Andy's heart on her sleeve, but Missy's too, and everyone could feel that. The audience felt their own heart on their sleeve. It was a masterpiece performance. Ben also did an amazing job!

Christine: As much as I loved the Sam and Andy moments, it was Traci and Steve who completely won me over. The scene where he helps her into her vest showed just how much Steve cares about and respects he made me laugh yet again. I've really fallen for these two.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

if you had to choose between Marlo or Chloe coming back next season, who's your pick?

Michelle:  Definitely Chloe. I enjoyed her character so much more than Marlo because I feel that she is a comedic relief on the show, and I also really enjoyed her easygoing relationship with Dov this season. I know it won't be as light next season, but I thought Chloe was perfect for Dov. I strongly believe that Marlo will be fired, or choose to leave 15 division after everything that has happened. Her storyline was interesting this season, but I don't see her character sticking around.

Natalie: Meh, I guess Marlo, just to see how she is punished for what she did. I need to see the follow through.

SeanandEmma: Chloe but Marlo is fine too.

Nicole: Chloe. Marlo was the catalyst for some major destruction, and despite her illness, which should have been disclosed (gun access to those with mental illness is a hot debate for a reason), her police training should have alerted her to the danger her actions and perspective was repeatedly putting others in. Her lack of remorse for a long period of time only fueled the fire of destruction.

Christine: This is so hard. I actually have grown to like both characters very much which was a surprise to me because I despised them both on sight. But I just don't see how Marlo comes back now that all of her secrets are out. I can't imagine them allowing her to continue to be a cop, at least not one on the street.

Biggest surprise:  Marlo targeted the wrong brother, Wes wouldn't allow Chloe to have surgery, or Nick letting Andy go?

Michelle: I was shocked that Marlo targeted the wrong brother. I did not see that coming at all. Michael Cram (Kevin Ford) was such a convincing villain and when we found out that Marlo's unauthorized investigation that possibly cost her her career was on the wrong brother, I was so shocked. Ever since Kevin Ford was a suspect in Christian's disappearance I believed he was guilty of something, and finding out he was innocent was such a huge surprise.

Natalie: Nick letting Andy go. I never thought I'd see that this season.

SeanandEmma: Wes not allowing Chloe to have surgery.

Nicole: Probably Marlo targeting the wrong brother. During Christian's episode, I was hesitant to believe a guy with the name Mr. Biscuit, but I don't think I fully considered it being him instead of Kevin until the finale.

Christine: Definitely Marlo targeting the wrong brother.  I never saw that coming and I loved the expression on Marlo's face as the truth of what she'd done sunk in.

Did you want Andy to end up with Nick or Sam?

Michelle: SAM! Yes, they have a complicated relationship, but I find Nick and Andy's relationship a little bland. Sam and Andy have a love that can't be replaced. I have been a fan of them since season 1 and all I want is to see is them back together and happy in season 5. They both have made mistakes in their relationship but the fact that they still love each other so strongly through all of it, makes me believe that they are meant to be together. And after that ambulance scene, I don't think they're ever going to be "over".

Natalie: Sam for sure, I was not on board with this Nick relationship...ever!

SeanandEmma: Sam.

Nicole: Sam. He's her story (ADORE that line). She's his story. Their own stories make up a beautiful story of true love. They've done things out of character this season because they were apart. They're lost without each other. A friend of mine said it will always be Sam and Andy against the world, and I loved that it was their feelings for each other (parking lot scene) that lead to them figuring out Ford was in the building. It really was a perfect display of Sam's words to Andy about working together: "that's what we do."

Christine: I've always believed that Sam and Andy were the end game. They're complicated but they just can't stay away from each other. That said, I really did enjoy Andy and Nick's relationship. They were open and honest and fun. And Nick letting her go without a fuss at the end shows the kind of man he truly is.

If you can only pick one, which of the following pairings would you choose to be a solid couple when we return for season 5: Gail and Holly, Steve and Traci, or Dov and Chloe.

Michelle: I was surprised at how much I enjoyed all of the 3 new pairings this season, but I would have to pick Traci and Steve to be a solid couple next season. After the hard year that Traci had in season 3, she deserves someone like Steve to make her happy. Aside from Sam and Andy, they were the couple I was rooting for this season, and I'm glad we ended the season with the two together and happy.

Natalie: Steve and Traci.  Traci has been through enough and I love how their relationship unfolded...loads of honesty and respect. Amazingly mature. I need more.

SeanandEmma: Steve and Traci but the other two are fine too.

Nicole: Dov and Chloe. Despite what's going on with the Wes situation, her and Dov seem to be a perfect match for each other. Both have a similar sense of humor and perspective on life and will become more grounded as life hits them harder. It will be interesting to see what effect the shooting has on Chloe later on.

Christine: I'm interested in all three but Steve Peck won my heart while he was winning Traci's. He's been sweet, funny, and respects her both on and off the job. Traci deserves someone who sees how special she is. I've got my fingers crossed we get a lot more of these two next season.

What tops your wish list for Rookie Blue season 5?

Michelle: No more love triangles would probably be at the top of my list. I would like to see Sam and Andy happily together, but also not having Nick pining after her, or Andy spending half the season torn between the two. After the Sam/Andy/Luke love triangle we went through the first 2 seasons and the Sam/Andy/Marlo/Nick one we went through this season, I think its time Sam and Andy are in a healthy, steady relationship. Maybe even a new love interest for Nick because he is a good and noble guy who deserves someone to make him happy. Bring on Season 5!!

Natalie: Sam and Andy re-entering a romantic relationship without the subtext and reservedness we have seen in the past. I want open, honest, direct communication. And SHIRTLESS SAM SWAREK PLEASE :)

SeanandEmma: For Dov and Traci to have more screen time and to know what happened with Chloe. no more relationship drama.

Nicole: For Sam and Andy to learn how to implement the changes they realized they needed to make (Change or Die theme), together, and use that as part of their growing process. I want to see them continue to better themselves, both individually and as a couple, and figure out how to handle those future trials while remaining together, allowing the hard times to strengthen their relationship. I'm really crossing my fingers for a McSwarek engagement in season 5. Sam already admitted seeing kids and a future with Andy, now he needs to tell her that.

Christine: As with everyone else, I want to see Sam and Andy work on their issues TOGETHER and have more fun. Definitely more of Steve and Traci. They've got great banter.  I hope Dov and Chloe have a future together. More Oliver and Celery. They turned out to be a really sweet couple. And I even like Gail and Holly much more than I expected. So I hope all of our couples are together and happy going forward…Oh and bring Noelle back!

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when is the new season starting I can't wait.


I'm hoping Andy and Sam will sort out their problems and they will get back together in season 5. Yes Sam was silly he made some wrong decisions that make him kind of a jerk but also he respected Andy from the beginning even covering for her to Luke after the first kiss when Andy showed up at his house. He never bad mouthed Andy's boyfriends to Andy just to get her he was waiting for the right time to start a relationship with Andy and that makes him a gentleman. Andy on the other hand walked out two times on their relationship (once to have fun in North Bay) when she wanted someone to love her and stability. Well she has that with Sam but they need to work how to deal with problems when honeymoon is over. Life throws staff at you all time need to learn to deal with it not to walk out on your other half. As for Nike he is a cute guy but leaving or dumping Gail weeks before wedding tells me he doesn't really knows what he wants.


Ugh, I do not want Sam and Andy to get back together. I didn't like them, they had NO chemistry and he was just a jerk to her. I liked her and Nick together.


Asking the writers to finish what they started is not unreasonable. Especially not after Tassie Cameron tweeted at the end of season three about then being in it for the long haul with Sam & Andy. There was Noelle Carbone's tweet as recently as July to the McSwarek shippers where she all but confirmed Sam & Andy were endgame. I and other McSwarek shippers simply want the writers to follow through on what they said. That is not complaining.


First of all, Sam better live and he better get back together with Andy.
Secondly, I'm so happy Oliver is safe and happy again with his girlfriend - I just LOVE Oliver, he's too awesome!
Third, how is it that Dove ALWAYS gets the shitty hand with it comes to relationships! I mean seriously, Dove Is great and I think he should have at least ONE great relationship without all the other nonsense drama! After he confessed his love for Gail in season 2 I thought that they'd eventually hook up and he can finally be legit happy! But clearly thats not gonna happy since Gail is now lesbian.
Oh and I'm actually glad that Tracy is happy again with Gail's brother, even though I wanted to hunt down and smack the writers after Jerry died!
So What I'd like to see in season 5:
1. Sam and Andy back together for GOOD this time!
2. Dove with someone who makes him happy (The dude seriously deserves it!) - preferably Gail, but I guess Chloe could do.
3. Nick with someone new cause I don't want him to mess up Sam and Andy's relationship.
4. No more deaths!! I mean, killing Jerry off was enough, don't you think? I can't handle another major actor being killed. No, leave that for season 6!
So yea, those are the main things I really want to see in season 5. PS That was a horrible ending to the season. I was literally screaming at my TV screen. Season 5 better come quickly!


i love love love oliver since season 1!! he must live forever! i think andy and sam were in relationships with people that felt way more for them. what i love about their relationship is that's it"s never boring. i was bored with the nick/andy thing and the sam/marlo thing, but i guess it's good that the rookie blue gods made us wait cuz season 5 will be even better :)


All McSwarek scenes have been very intense and after a stint as hard for the golden couple, we had a hopeful ending. Despite Tassie interview, yet I have faith in it. Sam and Andy ARE OUR HISTORY!


Favorite scene from the finale : I don't really know. I love every Stash and McSwarek scenes. But I really liked when Nock let go of Andy. It was heartbreaking.
Marlo or Chloe : Chloe. I love her. She's fun and different from the rest of 15 Div.
Biggest surprise : If I should take one, I would say the brother. But it wasn't really a twist, to me. For a moment, I thought it was Marlo who was behind the pedophile case. It would have been funnier.
Nick or Sam : That is the question. I don't know. Sam, I guess. But I really like Nick and Andy together. They had great chemistry and it was sweet and funny. But, well, Sam is the only one to Andy and so is she.
New solid pairing : Only one ? Then I will say Tracy and Steve. Steve is so sweet and he also won my heart. Tracy deserve someone as great as him and to be happy. But I also love Gail and Holly together.
Top wishes for S5 : Drama, drama, drama. Yeah, every body wants a nice, beautiful McSwarek relationship. But I want some Ollie and Celery, Tracy and Steve, Holly and Gail. And I want some tragedies. It makes my heart race, my eyes cry... What about Noelle's cancer ? What about Chloe's surgery ?
I would love a S5 as tough as the other. But with a lot of friendship and love bondings.


Of course next season should be obviously about Sam and Andy's relationship growing and I think S5 is the perfect time to introduce "families" as the theme. We have had hints at Sams childhood so maybe we can meet his sister and/or parents ESP since he's been shot. I also would like to see how the Peck parents would handle Gail and holly and Steve and traci. There obviously is a story behind Chloe and Wes.... And noelle and frank... So it def seems like a good direction to go.


lastly... Chloe will chose Dov. There is a reason she hasn't told him... and all of that will need to be worked through... but if she loved her husband she would never have walked away....

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