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where is George's character heading i mean he is one of the main leads and he comes up evry episode for few minutes and basically does up his storyline n no zoe for him someone better sexier and cool for him get him sme hottie n gve him a haircut plz.....


I have always wanted to see George and Zoe get together. At the beginning of this show I couldn't stand Lemon but she has really grown on me. Her character has matured and changed for the positive a lot more than Zoe.

@ Chare10

that would be awesome if it didn't work out with Joule and Zoe hooked up with George for a while this time!


I like Joel too and I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he is actually around a bit longer than he and Zoe are together. Like, I almost see the same barrier to any George and Zoe fans weirdly coming up to Zoe and Wade fans (of which I am one) that Wade and Joel actually do become friends (I was weirdly hoping their road trip was going to be the next episode) and Lavon gets put in the weird position of knowing Wade is still in love with Zoe and that he gets Joel and Zoe but also knows Zoe never really dealt with her feelings toward Wade, like she forgave him but then shut down anything further. I honestly think that will be what will heal things between Lavon and George because they both will know everyone's feelings about everything and not know what to do about it.

I keep thinking what is funny, I liked Peter but his whole point as a character is to let Lemon go on a romantic adventure when Jaime King has the baby (I know she has already, but not at the point of filming) and either return to Blubell with him or just with a new outlook.

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