Homeland Recap: Duck Hunt

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Well, Homeland Season 3 Episode 5 wasn't nearly as infuriating as last week's "Game On," so maybe there is still some life left in Homeland.

After a divisive twist that had some wanting to give up on the show and others defending it to no end, it was nice to watch a more straight forward hour in which Claire Danes was able to portray Carrie's craziness with purpose.

Saul Hunt

Now that we knew Carrie and Saul's plan was to get in with the Iranians, all we could do was watch and wait to see how her desired face-to-face with Javadi would go down. It turned out to be a bit scarier than Carrie probably imagined.

Bagged and stripped, Carrie was in it for real, and Danes was fantastic in showing all the emotions the psychotic agent was feeling in those moments.  The best part of it all, however, was that it gave the audience hope that this was leading to something even better.

Stories in which Carrie is in deeper and deeper with Javadi could be very interesting.  Being unable to figure out whether Javadi knows Carrie is attempting to play him, unlike last week's misdirection, would be the kind of suspense that worked so well in Homeland Season 1.

Also working in Homeland's favor moving forward is the fact that Saul was duped into thinking that he would become the permanent Director of the CIA.  I understand the director still has people above him to answer to, but with Saul in charge of the agency there wouldn't be anyone as close by for him to butt heads with.

Maybe Homeland will end like its older sister 24 where a revolving door of CIA Directors come through to battle Saul just as Jack Bauer would deal with yet another a hole from "Division" season after season.

Handing the position over to the guy who has been so critical of the agency through the first part of this season seems a bit on the nose, but Saul's speech at the goose hunt outing made it all worth it.

What haven’t been worth it have been the amazing adventures of Dana and Leo.  It's almost become comical that the writers wrote this entire story line thinking, 'yeah, this is going to be good.'  How many people of the two million or so watching each night are honestly enjoying Dana and Leo?

As I've said time after time, the Brodys don't need to be on the show anymore.  If they're directly involved with Nick, then yeah I get it, but they don't need to attempt to carry their own arcs.

Speaking of Nicholas, we still have only seen him in one episode, which isn't a good thing.  Damian Lewis needs to get back on the screen to help anchor this show.

Overall, "The Yoga Play" was a small step back in the right direction for Homeland.  What did you all think of the episode?  What were your favorite moments? What didn't you like?  And how do you think Carrie Mathison would do hunting geese?


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i'm guessing the sexting is gonna come back to haunt dana brody, but i still don't care. at all. looks like the actress picked up some chin wobble tips from claire danes?


Well, I am clearly in the minority because as much as I don't want to see Dana Brody, I do want to see Nicholas Brody. The one episode that he was in this season was the best one yet, and that is because Damian Lewis is such an amazing actor, and really adds to the show. If Nicholas Brody is killed off then I think they should just cancel the show, because he is as just as integral to Homeland as Carrie and Saul.


Please keep your mental health conditions straight. Someone who is bipolar is not psychotic. Two separate conditions. Danes does a great job of portraying what it is like to be bipolar.

@ Suzanne

Psychosis can actually present in bipolar disorder alongside severe mania or depression, though most people with the disorder don't develop any psychotic symptoms.

@ Joe

That's what Suzanne said - two separate conditions. Bipolar can be just bipolar. Carrie doesn't have psychosis - "just" bipolar.


The whole "Brody" thing is getting old. The character has family have outlived their "9 lives." It's time for the terrorists to have their revenge on Brody and his family. There's enough terrorism out there for Saul, Carrie, Quinn and the "Agency" to "seek & destroy." After they "bag" this Javadi character and Brody, et al are killed off the show, it will be time for Carrie to be allowed back into the C.I.A. so she and the others can do what they do best: catch and kill.

@ Jan

"the character And His family..."

@ Jan

I definitely think the family doesn't belong in this season. If they had to show the family, it should have been how they are handing the financial stress/repercussions of Brody leaving them high and dry. No one who pays for HBO wants to see this sullen teenager girl and her psychotic teenager lover playing kissy face. Jessica needs to grow a backbone and put Dana in her place. Frankly, I read an interview with the producer of this show a week or so ago - I think he has a thing for this girl, and that's why she has gotten way too much face time in this series. If they don't get some action in this series immediately, they are going to lose me. And at least 3 other people I know of. Leave the teenage angst for CW and Lifetime. No one wants to see Dana's eyerolls and hear her horribly rude speech to her mother.

@ MaggieInFL

And yes, I agree the whole Brody thing is getting old - but it was getting old in Season 2. They need to kill him off and be done with it so they can pursue other storylines. Hookup Quinn and Carrie.

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