Once Upon a Time Review: Never Lose Hope

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When you're surrounded by Lost Boys, it's difficult not to lose hope.

But but if you can hold on to "Good Form" - as the series titled Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 5 - maybe it's possible to keep the faith. 

A Future for Hook?

Apparently Henry not only has the heart of the truest believer, he also possesses his own magical powers. Much like the sword, one has to wonder just how Henry will choose to use it. Will he eventually follow the path towards the light or into the dark. 

I'll admit, the thought of Regina and Henry teaming up sounds like a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, I really love Regina here in Neverland. Not only does she get all the best lines, she's more than willing to do what it takes to get the job done. 

I was proud of Emma when she let Regina remove the Lost Boy's heart. When it comes to protecting your kid, you'll do anything. 

I was especially happy to hear Emma refer to Henry as our son. It's been quite some time since she acknowledged Regina's role as a parent to Henry. 

But I think one of my favorite moments was when Regina had to watch Charming and Snow making out and muttered in this Once Upon a Time quote...

What I wouldn't give for another sleeping curse.


Speaking of Charming, when will he tell his family he's not allowed to leave Neverland? First he didn't tell them about being infected by the dreamshade and now he's hiding this. It doesn't say a lot about the prince's trust in his family. 

Hook, on the other hand, turned out to be a stand up guy, both now and in the past. And can I say that I just love that his first name is Killian. Somehow it makes him even hotter.

The scene where his brother died on Neverland was heartbreaking. I knew what was coming and I still got choked up watching it. 

That the betrayal of their king caused Hook to lose his brother and that's what drove him to become a pirate made sense and gave the character an origin of honor to fall back on. 

All of those CaptainSwan fans were cheering when Emma finally kissed the Captain as a thank you for saving her father. Although she called it a one-time thing, I'm not entirely sure she meant it and I'm certain Hook wants more. A lot more.

But as Peter Pan said, now we truly get to find out what type of man Hook is. Will he tell Emma that Neal's alive and help her find him, or keep it a secret in order to get what he wants…which we all know will blow up in his face?

I had one question at the end of this episode: Didn't Pan give Hook that flask from which everyone was drinking? Could he have put the magical water in it? Just a thought for a future twist.

With Neal's fate literally up in the air, who is that hanging next to him? And did you miss Rumpelstiltskin in this episode of Once Upon a Time?


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Anyone else think that when they cast the lost boy - who seems to be the #1 lost boy (Felix, maybe?) - that they said "Get me the worst actor you can find."? I'm guessing this is a producer or director's family member.


finally some romance in once upon a time I like Emma with the captain. and i couldn't not to laugh when they spoke with henry by the mirror (skype in neverland)


Okay did no one else notice the flask that charming drank from was the same flask everyone else had "rum" from? Or did I miss something. Also I like the idea that Shannon mentioned down below. Also KILLIAN love that name.


MORE CAPTAINSWAN PLEASE! love these two together! Much more than Neil/Emma :\


What if Pan gains power through belief. That when a boy loses it and becomes lost, he gains it. Having the truest believer break would make him potentially the most powerful being in all the worlds


I am so ready for them to get off this boring island!


Clearly, his best bet is to tell Emma EXACTLY the truth... that Pan attempted to recruit him when he was saving his father, and when he refused Pan told him that Neil was alive and in Neverland. That all he had was Pan's word for it, but it is possible that it is true. I'd bet Emma concludes its false, but it would leave him with a fighting chance when Neil does show up.


we all love to stay glued to these stories of lovers destined to be together, since we all secretly don't want to admit that we are fools for a great love story. and the only way to keep us glued is to throw in characters that cause obstacles for the lovers that makes it that much harder for them to be together. lovers like buffy and angel, mulder and scully, dawson and joey, Stefan and elana, need I say more. it is true that nothing in life is not worth it, if it is not worth fighting for. therefore if emma and neil both believe their love is worth it, they will fight for it. so its not about destiny, its about how much someones love is worth to you and how much you are willing to fight for it. that is the question.


Crossing my fingers that Hook will be honest with Emma and tell her about Neil. I think he has enough confidence in himself that eventually he will win over Emma's heart. I honestly think that Emma has this idea that Neil her and Henry can live happily ever after and them and Snow/Charming will be one big happy family but that is just a dream. In reality I don't think she will ever really forgive Neil for abandoning her and it will tear them apart (which if it happens once they should stay apart because it isn't healthy for Henry for them to go back and forth) I hate that shows just throw in characters and say they are their one true love (endgame) and ignore character development that they put into other relationships (ie. Captain Swan). Seeing as Neil and Hook were not in the show from day 1 I would much rather them see where each couple goes and let them develop in an organic way instead of them being set in stone that Neil/Emma are endgame. Otherwise, what is the point in bringing Captain Swan into play if there is no real chance of them ending up together.


Have my problems with Peter Pan as the antagonist, too. I can't even say exactly what it is. But when I think of Rumple/Regina during the first season, or Cora/Hook later... these villains were much more a threat imo. Maybe it's the actor, maybe it's the constant "spoiled brat expression", but when I think of Pan, I think of a tedious, annoying child. Not a bad ass villain. Liked everything else, though. Apart from missing Rumple. Never thought Emma and Hook could grow on me and yet they totally did this episode.

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Once Upon a Time Quotes

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

Emma: What are they now?
Hook: A reminder that all sins can be forgiven when someone loves you and I was absolutely wrong before. I love you Emma Swann, no matter what you've done.