Once Upon a Time Round Table: "Good Form"

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On Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 5, we saw what sort of "Good Form" Captain Hook had before he became a pirate, while also witnessing his first deadly interaction with Peter Pan.

Below, our TV Fanatics Christine Orlando and Carla Day are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan as they debate whether tearing out hearts is ever justified and whether that kiss was truly a one time thing.


Why does Charming continue to hide important information from his family?
Gareth: Charming’s motivations remain a complete mystery at times. He is devoted to saving Henry and I guess his own condition was secondary to the importance of the primary mission. I have no idea how they are going to get Charming off the island. Would the writers really be bold enough to kill off a core character? We will see.

Carla: He's trying to do the selfless and honorable thing by keeping his predicaments a secret. He believes that if they knew he was dying and now that he's stuck in Neverland, they would spend precious time trying to fix his problems rather than on finding Henry. His actions come from a good place. And, for Henry, he's probably making the right decision. That doesn't mean his family won't be furious when they find out the truth, though I think both Snow and Emma would do the  same thing.

Christine: I suppose he's trying to protect them but aren't they suppose to be working as a team? He could have fallen over dead at any moment but didn't tell his wife or daughter. Now he's been saved by will die if he leaves Neverland. He's treating his family like children and although his intentions may be good, I think it's really unfair to withhold such important information.

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Did Regina and Emma do the right thing by ripping the Lost Boy's heart out to find Henry?
Gareth: Sometimes the necessary thing is not always the right thing. Emma and Regina did what they had to do in order to get their message to Henry. It is nice to see the characters have their backs against the wall and making morally tough choices. Snow understands the long term cost better than most though. I think her concern for Emma is justified.

Carla: They used the best option they had at the time. Henry needed to know they were out there, so she wouldn't lose hope and give into Pan. Was it right? Probably not. Though, at least it was a Lost Boy that was mean to Henry, so it didn't seem as bad.

Christine: I know there will be a long term cost and that's what Snow was concerned about but I'm with Regina on this one. They needed to do what was necessary to get to Henry…and besides, it's not like she crushed his heart. She could always put it back.

Will Hook tell Emma about Neal?
Gareth: I think Hook will struggle with this conundrum. He wants Emma to see him as a man of honour. Telling Emma would be the noble thing to do however Hook’s personal feelings for Emma may interfere with him doing the right thing, or at least that is what Pan is counting on. Pan seems to thrive on conflict and manipulation.

Carla: The old Hook wouldn't tell her, but this new sweeter Hook ... maybe. If he thinks it through, he'll realize that he has a better chance of being with Emma if he's honest with her. If she finds out he lied to her, I don't think she'd forgive him. Plus, he'd always know that Neal would show up again eventually.

Christine: I think he's smart enough to know that not telling her with backfire and that Pan's counting on that. So yeah, I think he shares this information with Emma and the rest of the group.

The Hook/Emma kiss. A one time thing or will undeniable chemistry pull them back for more?
Gareth: I think Emma will bounce between Hook and Neal all series long now. The cast and crew have really pushed the whole CaptainSwan thing over the past few months and have built up a huge fan base for the characters. We will definitely be seeing more of this pairing in future.

Carla: It really depends what happens with Neal. Emma and Hook do have chemistry, but her focus is on Henry and not on a budding romance with Hook. Plus, she's still grieving Neal. For now, it's a one time thing. The future is open....

Christine: I'm really torn over this. I like that Emma, Neal and Henry are a family but I can't deny the chemistry between Emma and Hook. I'm really interested to see where the writers go with this dilemma.

What was your favorite scene from this Once Upon a Time Season 3 episode?
Gareth: Loved all the scenes between Charming and Hook. They make a great team. The ‘Operation Cobra Rescue' scene was really touching. It was so nice to see Emma and Regina working together to help their son.

Carla: I enjoyed the bonding between Hook and Charming. My favorite scene was when Hook revealed that he tricked Charming to save him. And, then Charming's decision to take the cure, so he's able to help find Henry even though it means he stays on in Neverland or dies. It really was an easy choice for him.

Christine: I really appreciated when Emma referred to Henry as "our son" when speaking to Regina. I loved watching them work together to get that message to him. I hope we get to see more of that  in the future.

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@ peterpan

Did anyone else think that it's a bit ... Weird... That Hook was with Neal's mom and now Neal's (ex)girlfriend ~? Don't get me wrong ! I love CaptainSwan ! :) Just thought I'd share that thought ...


1. I assume he's making sure that he's not a distraction. But I'm sure that's going to backfire.

2. Yes and No. Yes in that it was their only option at the time. No because it's just wrong.

3. I think he will. For one, "not telling" would be WAY too cliche. Also, Hook is a pretty sensible character, and he would be totally aware of the consequences of lying. He's also quite principled and proud, and I don't think he would want Emma by default; he would want to know that she picked him, that he won her. And I think everyone is forgetting how much he cares about Neal, as the son of the woman he loved before. I think he regrets what happened with Neal the first time on the island and wouldn't hurt him again.

4. It better not be a one time thing! Those two have more chemistry than Walter White's trailer...

5. I loved Hook's back story. It was really interesting to see the wide-eyed Cillian and contrast him with today's Hook. Also, Colin O'Donoghue is just so adorable.


Oh please writers, more Rumple. I can't stand this Hook/Emma, Charming/Dying/Not Dying, Ariel/Regina...who cares!!! Give us Carlyle already!

Drea xoxo
@ Monique

I agree! the writers are focusing to much on this shipdom because of the writers


Emma wont bounce between two men. It's just not in her character. Plus the shows writers have said that they wont have her doing that. This predominately is a show about True Love and Happy Endings. So Emma will find her True Love be it Hook, Neal or someone else and stay with them. She and her True Love will then have to deal with outside forces trying to tear them apart. Just like her parents, Rumple and Belle etc

Captain swan
@ Kellie

agree. there will be both men who want her but she won't bounce between them.

@ Kellie

Actually they already confirm the love triangle between Hook/Emma/Neal.


Charming is definitely not being killed off. Otherwise, Josh Dallas ditching a major role in a blockbuster movie such as "Thor: the Dark World" would've been for nothing...
No worries...the writers know how to get people off L O S T islands pretty...ahem...well..

@ Tess

Is he not in the film? I was wondering why I hadn't seen him in any previews, although his part in the last movie was minor at best.

@ SwanThief4ever

He's not - the character's being played by Zachary Levi now (which, ironically, was supposed to be the case in the first movie but Levi had to withdraw when Chuck was renewed)


I love this show. I love that the writers are adding complexity to stories we thought we knew and really these retelling a are more riveting than the originals ever were
The only thing I wish is that the writers would pay attention to their own canon. Canon is the rules and principles they have laid down. History that they made and once it's history it needs to be adhered to. If changes are made they need to be explained.
1). Why is past Baelfire who ran away from Rumple to Peter Pan a teenager? Season one the Baelfire that Rumple lost through a portal was preteen. If this is now the history to adapt to the previously stated history Rumple is going to have to magically make Baelfire younger and remove memories.
2). Additionally make it clear that Emma has the power to break ANY curse of ANY character with a kiss. If that's not the case, don't tell me Neal/Baelfire is her true love. She kissed Sherriff Graham in season 1 and completely broke the curse that blocked his memories. It only half worked when he kissed her but when they kissed each other the curse was broken. By canon rules true loves kiss is the curse breaker and Graham was Emma's true love. And then he died. It's remotely possible to bring him back. His wolf companion had bi-colored eyes which implies a duality of nature. I would accept that when his body died his soul returned to inhabit the body of the wolf. The huntsman was special in some way growing up with the wolves in an almost Mowgli-esque way. And personally I would not forgive a man who left me to rot in jail for his crime by taking the advice of a known greedy compulsive liar (Pinochio)
I just want them to follow their own rules and not ignore them. This is not Lost where they get to change things however the like because the characters are d######d and anything goes.

@ Rehatha

Hate to break it to you, but they ARE following their canon. 1) Baelfire was a teenager because the actor who plays him is a growing boy in the middle of a growth spurt! If they re-cast him, then everyone would be so confused, not to mention furious because Dylan is such a well-loved member of the show. That episode took place before he went into the vortex and is not confusing at all! 2) Emma does not have the power to break any curse. She was the Savior for the Dark Curse because Rumple made it that way. By kissing Graham, she weakened part of the curse that was withholding his memories. It had nothing do with True Love. 3) Dead is dead. Graham will only return in flashbacks. 4) Emma and Neal found each other in another world. Coincidence? Hell No! They were destined to be together. Yes, there is a lot of unresolved issues between them but there is also a lot of love. Neal did what was best for her in the long run, so that she could be reunited with her parents. He could have easily been selfish and not wanted her to break the curse because that would mean that his father would remember and come looking for him. Neal may be a thief, but he is an honorable one.

Captain swan
@ SwanThief4ever

What Neal did wasn't romantic. It was cowardice. Neal even admitted it in 3.01. He left cause he didn't want to see Rumplestiltskin again. Then he still didn't look for her after the curse was broken. Then he moved on to Tamara, he genuinely loved Tamara no matter that she's evil. They are first loves and I think there will always be love. But I hope to god Neal isn't her true love. He let her go. "True love isn't easy but it must be fought for."

@ Captain Swan

No one doubts Rumple's love for Belle and it's the exact same situation. Like father, like son. Neal and Emma have work to do but they share something that Emma and Hook with all their "chemistry" will never have.

@ SwanThief4ever

Actually, I think that Peter Pan wanted them to find each other all along. Hint why Peter Pan told Neal that he knew when he left Neverland. If anything, I think that Pan is more threatened by Hook, Emma, and Henry because those are the only three he has been talking one on one with.

@ Hookified(dande)

Ummm....you're forgetting that Pan also spoke to Rumple and Neal. He spoke to Hook because he knows him and knows his weaknesses. His play is mindgames and he sticks to who and what he knows.


What surprises me is that Hook seems so sure that Peter Pan is telling him the truth. If I were in his shoes I'd suspect that Pan way lying just to push my buttons. Either way, Hook is clearly better off in the long run if he tells the truth. He shows himself honorable again, and he avoids being the bad guy when Neal shows up. It's not as if Neal has been Emma's night in shining armor... but Hook could be. Neal deserted Emma when she went to jail for him, pregnant. When she found him he didn't give up his new girlfriend for her and his son, either. And if Hook saves Neal, Hook has definitely put himself into the competition. I see Hook telling as a win-win for him, and not telling as a lose-lose. Most people seem to be talking as if Neal sharing a few robberies and knocking Emma up should give him dibs on her. "I love you" is a nice thing to say but it certainly hasn't been reflected in Neal's behavior. I don't know how all this shakes out, but unless Neal can call a sea creature to cure Charming and allow him to leave Neverland, I see Hook as being in the lead in the competition for Emma.

@ barbreader

Emma and Neal were not destined to be together. Pan said as much a couple episodes ago. Neal also kind of unknowingly alluded to that same thing in 2x14 when he said "There are no coincidences. Everything that happens, happens by design and there is nothing we can do about it. Forces greater than us conspire to make it happen”


I really, really hope that kiss was a one-time event! Hook has definitely evolved this season but I just don't see CaptainSwan as a viable couple. He was in a long-term relationship with Henry's grandmother, he switches alliances as often as the wind blows, flirts with any and every girl around, not to mention all the times he tried to MURDER Belle (which was very recently, I might add!). Yes, they have heat, but the brighter the flame, the quicker it goes out. And I for one am looking forward to the light being extinguished.

Captain swan
@ SwanThief4ever

It doesn't look like it's a one-time thing. If anything, it'll be the thing that starts the emma-hook romance. People can move on, you know. And he's changing back to how he was before he became Captain Hook and a large reason is due to Emma. This is a man who loves deeply. He's in it for the long haul.


1. I don't know why he does but I never been much interested in his character.
2. Yes, you have to fight fire with fire. I do not think that Snow knows what long term consequences is because she never went dark, she just went emo.
3. Yes
4. It is not a one time thing.
5. There were so many but my favorite two was Emma "our son" and Regina "we love you" because it goes back to first episode of this season when Henry said both his mothers will come for him.

Spindae 2o

Great round table!
1.The Charming. He will never be interesting, Charming is honestly lame. David without his memo was a fullblooded character with flaws and intensity. This is like smoking a very bad Light cigarette. They try to give him scenes to improve him but besides being a pretty face nothing is working for him.
2.Rip off. Of course they did. This is war, yes it is a kid but as spoken it decieded to leave his parents cause he thought it was better of.
3. According to the synopsis for ep 6. Hook will tell.
4. Hook and Emma. They just belong. Hook is just a mask Killian put on out of rage. His true self is that truthfull man and I love him better than Neal.
5.Fav scene. Captain Swan kiss!!!!


Once Upon a Time Quotes

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming

Emma: What are they now?
Hook: A reminder that all sins can be forgiven when someone loves you and I was absolutely wrong before. I love you Emma Swann, no matter what you've done.