Person of Interest Cast Scoops Season 3, Extreme and Dark Actions to Come

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TV Fanatic was on the red carpet of Comic-Con in New York City this week and got to spend a few minutes with various cast members from Person of Interest.

What's on tap for Shaw and Root? How does Amy Acker portray the latter without going overboard on the crazy? How much darker might things get for the characters? Watch the following Q&A with Acker and Sarah Shahi for some answers:

Greg Plageman, meanwhile, is the showrunner behind this CBS hit and he says we can expect something "extreme" from Carter in the coming episodes, while Taraji P. Hensen teases more of a look into her detective's background as we move ahead on Person of Interest Season 3:

Finally, Jim Caviezel and Kevin Chapman talk about what surprises them most about their characters these days (people trust Fusco?!?) and gush over the unique cast that comprises this series:

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no man she cannot die this sucks


I'm super glad that Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker are getting beefier roles. I've been a big fan of Sarah Shahi since Life. I'm glad that both she and Damian Lewis (homeland) found new homes to breathe life into new characters. I think that Amy Acker is cast perfectly in this show as well. I like it when there are strong female lead characters that "kick ass" so to speak. It's the reason I liked Alias and new shows like Agents of the S.H.I.E.L.D. (did I get that right?) anyway. If this show gets too much better my head might explode.


Thanks for sharing, hopefully someone will upload the Panel video soon.


Carter's mom, sister and live interest?
Lionel's brother and love interest?
Reese's dad, brother, ex girlfriend and college roomate?

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