TV Ratings Report: Person of Non-Interest?

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Facing off against the second hour of The Voice, Person of Interest fell to a series low among 18-49-year olds this week, while other CBS offerings remained steady.

Elsewhere, ABC received some good news with solid showings from The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife, despite no Agents of SHIELD lead-in...

Root and Shaw

8 p.m.
NCIS: 19 million viewers
The X Factor: 4.7 million
The Biggest Loser: 5.9 million
Agents of SHIELD rerun: 4.2 million
The Originals: 2 million

9 p.m.
The Voice: 11.4 millio
NCIS Los Angeles: 14.7 million
The Goldbergs: 5.3 million/Trophy Wife: 4.2 million
Supernatural: 2.1 million

10 p.m.
Person of Interest: 11.9 million
Shark Tank rerun: 3.2 million

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Sue ann

I'm not incapable of watching several teams of agents working separately in the same episode, but it is not what originally appealed to me about Person of Interest. It was more heroic when it was the geeky, crippled billionaire and the emotionally distant tough guy trying to save ordinary citizens, with the occasional, unwilling help of a clean cop and a dirty cop. Now there are more teams, and at least three distinct and different story lines going on, and I don't feel that a single episode can do justice to any one of those when they are all intermixed the way they were this week. The show is still better than almost anything else, but I am not happy with the new directions. I don't really want to have to take notes to follow from week to week, but they are just about at that point.


Consider canceling Supernatural. Consider renewing The Goldbergs and Agents of shield

@ Robert

Do you even watch any of these shows that you think should be canceled? Agents of Shield is a great show with fantastic writing. It's the best new show of the season!

@ Amy Lynn

Did you even read the comment you're replying to?

@ Amy Lynn

He did say renew Agents of Shield!