TV Ratings Report: Agents of SHIELD Sets Series Low

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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD continues to defeat bad guys... and get defeated in the ratings.

This under-performing new drama fell to a series low among 18-49-year olds last night, only garnering a 2.5 rating.

Elsewhere: The Voice also dropped, while both CW offerings remained steady from last Tuesday's episodes.

The Team Looks Horrified

8 p.m.
NCIS: 18.9 million viewers
Agents of SHIELD: 7 million
The Biggest Loser: 6.8 million
Dads: 3.6 million/Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 3.9 million
The Originals: 2 million

9 p.m.
The Voice: 11.1 million
NCIS Los Angeles: 14.6 million
New Girl: 3.8 million/The Mindy Project: 2.8 million
The Goldbergs: 5 million/Trophy Wife: 3.7 million
Supernatural: 2.1 million

10 p.m.
Person of Interest: 11.7 million

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I hope they don't kill it before it gets a following.


of course it is getting bad ratings... a marvel TV show in the Marvel Universe without superheroes/superpowers ? that would be like having a show about Gotham City without Batman....... oh wait, such a lame sounding show is currently in development !! ....


It's a shame, this was the strongest episode of the series thus far. Marvel certainly isn't bulletproof, nor is Joss Whedon, but perhaps this show is proof that the market for comics-to-movies/tv has become stale.


I truly believe the Caption American movie perview for the new movie have hurt the show, I think that people know that these show basic took everything that made agents cool in the other show and cartoon and comics and throw it away.


Yeah it's no where near as good as they marketed it it's average. Although the last episode was bordering on good but I'm still following it.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

This sounds a bit sensationalist, tbh, considering the live+7 ratings have remained steady implying that same amount of people catch the show, just at different times.

Kitanishi h mcdonald
@ Invested In Your Future

not to mention the fact that its still almost consistently third highest show of the night every week.

Sarah silva

It is interesting that a show like SHIELD that had the most promos etc before the fall season, continues to drop in viewers each week. I wonder how ABC feels about that! I watched the pilot and that was it! It was not as good as they hyped it up to be.

Drea xoxo
@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

I agree, it wasn't as good as they hyped it up to be. thankfully the movie and thor didn't disappoint