Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Report Card: Grade It!

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Only one Sons of Anarchy season remains.

But before we can look ahead to next year and wonder where the heck this show goes from the events on this month's finale, let's take a look back at Sons of Anarchy Season 6, debating the best character, the worst episode and more... TV Fanatic Report Card style!


Best Episode: Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 13. It was two hours of pure craziness with a concluding scene that was as moving and as painful as anything on television this year. Tremendous acting, shocking developments and major curiosity over how characters move forward on Season 7. What else could you want from a finale?

Worst Episode: Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 4, "Wolfangel." Yes, it featured Neo-Nazis, the killing of two club members and an attack on Unser. But this installment bothered me for reasons I outlined in my review: Jax essentially killed Tig. He left him to die at the hands of Marks, who spared Tig's life at the outset of the hour and... that was simply that. It was hard for me to reconcile Jax Teller as someone desperate to save his club, by allowing one of its key members to be executed.


Best Character: Nero Padilla. He's been an entertaining outlier in Charming, someone aware of how dangerous the game is and actually trying to remain on the sidelines. He's honest, he's caring, he's funny. And his decision to join up with the Mayans was one of the most intriguing cliffhangers from the finale.

Worst Character: Jax Teller. I expect to get a lot of grief for this one. But it doesn't say anything very good about the SAMCRO President when he needs a lawyer to tell him how he's being a terrible father... and husband... and man in general. Jax lost sight a long time ago of what's important and his family has now paid the ultimate price. Will he be redeemed? That's a major question for next season. For now, though, he has a very long way to go.

Most Shocking Scene: Tara's brutal death is the obvious answer, but I'll go with an example of Kurt Sutter being Kurt Sutter: Clay and Gemma were forced to have sex in front of a prison guard? Really?!?

Best Fashion Statement: Nero, always rocking a cardigan.

Most Welcome Death: Clay Morrow. It had been such a long time coming that it was more relieving than surprising. It says a great deal about how far the character had fallen in importance than his killing wasn't even the final scene of Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 11.

Overall Grade: B.

Hopes for 2014: Gosh, I have no idea. How can Jax possibly move on from here? And isn't he still bound for jail? And where does Juice go now? Can Gemma really keep her actions a secret? What becomes of a club with dwindling members and a major hit in revenue without the gun business? Yes, these are more questions than hopes, but all we can really hope for in its final season is that Sons of Anarchy goes out in a stunning, emotional, high-octane manner.

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Jennifer bunch

This was a great season, but I, too, was sad to see Tara go, but my main reason for the low grade was the lack of Tig this season. I understand this is a big cast, and everyone's fighting for screen time, but I truly believe that of the supporting players, Kim Coates is the best actor they've got and his underuse was ridiculous! I also, like Kim Coates, thought there should have been more of a confrontation between Tig and Clay before Clay's death.


I wonder if Jax will now refuse to turn himself in? Seems like we didn't see him sign anything making that deal really official (other than him stating he was "owning his place") and I can't imagine him allowing the kids to be parentless. I wonder who Jax is going to think did this? I'm not thinking he'll assume Gemma immediately. Retaliation from the Irsh? Perhaps. Mayans? Here's something to think over- what if he begins to reflect on his very recent exchange with Nero? Nero laid into him asking if what was happening to the mother of his children is karma because of what he did to the mother of another child? I don't think he will think Nero did this but when he finds out that Nero is with the Mayans now, it'a going to make him second guess everything. So now that Nero & Gemma have broken up (I guess they have, right?) is she going to end up with Wayne by default? Since Juice cleaned everything up and destroyed the evidence at a crime scene, what now? Does he earn his way back into the club by waiting for the dust to settle and going to Jax and saying "by the way, I was there when your wife was killed, this is how it happened and I covered it up to keep the heat away from the club and so you could deal with the real killer yourself." Then proceed to hand Gemma over on a platter to Jax? Or... Is Juice disgusted with the actions of Jax and the club and he continues to protect Gemma's secret & perhaps seeking a little comfort in Jax's pain & suffering because he'd see him as the one that cut him out of the club? Kinda sad that Juice killed the sherif but he would've called it in & Juice was controlling the situation. I liked Rockman Dunbar in that role, he did a great job. Is Wendy going to be the new mommy for the boys? I wonder if this new little girl that broke the window in the store front will become the primary care giver for the boys? I bet she'll be on full time babysitting duty with Tara being gone. I think Gemma's going to be a hot mess and won't be able to function properly. She'll be drunk or high and Jax probably won't let her care for the kids. Just some thoughts....


Don't think I can watch next season - lost all respect for Jax and his "mommy". The writers made a bad mistake having the entire Club turn against Tara - even Walter White aka/Heisenberg tried to protect and save his family when push came to shove.


I love this show but I'm p*ssed about Tara. That was so brutal. I was hoping she wasn't Ophelia as everyone believed, and would turn out to be the Horatio, Hamlet's closest confident and the only major character to survive the play. And the way Sutter did it was just so cruel and agonizing, giving us home and then destroying them so viciously. Sutter once tweeted that "the smart girls are team tara, the dangerous girls are team gemma." Ya think? I really hope all those extremely vocal, crazy Tara haters are eating crow (sorry for the pun) right now. How can anyone who is sane be team Gemma anymore? She was just trying to protect her sons from a homicidal family. And all you "dangerous girls" are borderline pathological in your lack of empathy. Put yourself in the shoes of someone in Tara's situation. You should all have a mother-in-law like Gemma and lets see how fast and far you run. Learn to think critically. That goes for the idiot bloggers at tvline too. I love Katey Sagal, but I hope Gemma faces some justice and suffers a miserable death.


You ask how Jax will be redeemed, but I don't think he will be. Tara's death convinces me that this story is a tragedy, and the protagonist is really Jemma. Everything she touches becomes twisted and damaged. The only difference in the finale is that she did it herself, with her own hands. The real question is whether the boys will be trapped in the cycle for another generation, and right now, there isn't much hope for their escape.

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