TV Fanatic Round Table: Best Drama 2013

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It's all come down to this, TV Fanatics.

Our staff has gathered once again for a Round Table discussion, this time breaking down the top dramas of 2013.

Which program comes out on top? Scroll down for a number of takes and the weigh in with your own...

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Miranda Wicker: Scandal. Everything about Olivia Pope and Co. just keeps getting hotter and hotter with each episode. It's a can't-miss week to week.

Kate Brooks: I'm going to go with Arrow, for many reasons. First, who doesn't want to see a shirtless Stephen Amell? Second, I didn't think that this show could get any better than its rookie season, but here we are in Arrow Season 2 and I'm in awe… every week leaves me wanting more. Lastly, Oliver is a strong character and this season they've created a strong female in Felicity. Not to mention the intense fight sequences that keep you on the edge of your seat. Well written and plotted show!

Leigh Raines: I think Nashville is a phenomenal drama that is not given enough credit. Every week seems to top the week before. I wasn't even really a fan of Hayden Panettiere in the past but now Nashville music dominates my itunes. Also, Connie Britton is just the queen of all. Has been since FNL. Great cast and built in soundtrack, what more could you want?

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Michelle Carlbert: I'm going to pick The Good Wife. That is a show that consistently gets better and better. This season in particular has been a fantastic showcase for every actorΒ  and I have found myself alternately wanting to cheer, scream or cry at everything that has happened while Alicia and Cary have been breaking off into their own firm. Talk about a fun way to change up the entire series.

Sean McKenna: Person of Interest continues to surprise and entertain, while never settling on standard or routine when it easily could. With new main cast members and a major death for Person of Interest Season 3, plus the ever expanding mythology of the series and characters you enjoy watching, it all keeps getting better and better. It's definitely a standout show.

Carissa Pavlica: I have to repeat. Arrow is so much more than a genre show, and could easily stand beside the blockbuster movies that have been created for other characters in the DC Universe. The strength of the story, pacing and writing are aspects all shows should aspire to. Their creative license with an already well-drawn world has shown there is room to improve upon canon fanatics thought they knew and loved. Even the shows weaknesses seem planned. Incredibly impressive.

Dan Forcella: Breaking Bad was the best drama of the year - and one of the best television dramas of all time.

Matt Richenthal: The answer is Breaking Bad. There's no real debate here. But for its utterly unique mix of humor, drama, subject matter and its impressively diverse cast, I'll show Orange is the New Black some love here.

YOUR turn, readers. What do you think was the best drama of 2013?

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How the hell does Scandal and Arrow have more votes when clearly everyone knows that Breaking Bad was the best show of 2013 AND the best written series after The Sopranos and The Wire? -__- I mean, don't get me wrong though... Scandal and Arrow are great shows but they're not on Breaking Bad's level.
The Walking Dead is only interesting because of Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, and the zombies. Other than that, all the other characters either suck or are boring. Season 1 was really good, season 2 was good but it kind of reminded me of Desperate Housewives, season 3 pretty much sucked because of the governor, and season 4 is alright so far. I'm surprised it isn't winning, TWD has a really big fanbase. o__O My Top 12:
1. Breaking Bad
2. Game of Thrones
3. Sons of Anarchy
4. Mad Men
5. Boardwalk Empire
6. House of Cards
7. Justified
8. Homeland
9. Orange is the New Black
10. The Good Wife and Scandal - tied
11. Arrow
12. The Walking Dead I still have to catch up on Supernatural, Dexter, and Sherlock so I can't really add them to my top list yet.
Haven't watched Nashville or Person of Interest yet.




I am surprised Elementary doesn't receive any mention and more accolades. Person of Interest, the Good Wife and Elementary would get my vote before any of those listed in the poll.


crossing lines......




Sons of Anarchy


Sons of Anarchy


Hands down The Good Wife!


Person of Interest is must-see appointment television. I love all the twists and turns coming within its framework. It has been and will be a ride I am invested in. Jonathan Nolan has making the unexpected an art form and it is on a network anyone can watch on. Lucky for us!


Agree 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 PrimeTime TV.