TV Fanatic Round Table: Worst New Show of 2013

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Hey, they can't all be winners.

So while the TV Fanatic staff just spent some time debating the Best New Show of 2013, we've gathered once again below to sound off on the opposite end of the spectrum and to ask readers for their take:

What was the Worst New Show of 2013?

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Matt Richenthal: Remember Lucky 7? No? Case closed.

Miranda Wicker: Which one was cancelled first? I'll go with that one because clearly it wasn't good enough to be committed to memory.

Kate Brooks: I'll have to go with the show that I watched twice and barely made it through; probably an unpopular opinion but Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I struggle to look at Andy Samberg and not see him as anything else other than a comedian on SNL.

Doug Wolfe: I love both Anna Faris and Allison Janney (especially the latter in the film "The Way Way Back") but Mom is a complete turnoff.  The premiere was labored and a tad overdone and ridiculous. Knowing that it was created by the undisputed master of comedies, Chuck Lorre, I had to watch a few more episodes before cancelling it from my viewing lineup completely. It's like settling in to listen to a half hour audio session of nails on chalkboard.

Carissa Pavlica: Dads. Oh. My. God. Everyone else complained about the blatant sexism and racism as desperate attempts to push the envelope, but the only thing I found mildly entertaining in the pilot was one if those attempts. Instead it's the sheer lack of originality, humor or endearing qualities of any of the characters that does it. I have watched Without a Paddle and laughed repeatedly dozens of times because Seth Green can normally deliver lines magically. I learned I was wrong. Utter crap.

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Dan Forcella: Dads was awful, but at least I could get through the first episode before deciding to quit. I couldn't get through the first five minutes of Super Fun Night. That was my worst television experience of 2013.

Nick McHatton: I'm with you on Super Fun Night, Dan. I like Rebel Wilson, but Fun Night is just not a good show. At all. It should be quickly killed so The Goldbergs can get some post-Modern Family time.

Steve Marsi: The Millers. It may not be the least funny show on television, but to reduce Emmy winner Margo Martindale to someone who makes jokes about farts? For shame.

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What do you think was the worst new show of 2013?


I tried to watch Brooklin nine nine and didn'care for it. Didn't it win a best Emmy for something.? How did a bad show win-Politics?


I don't understand the questioning of Brooklyn Nine Nine. It's a very solid show. I gave Mom a couple of episodes before phoning it in. It didn't resonate with me. Dads is pretty awful. Only the pull of Seth MacFarlane prevented this show from meeting the same fate as We Are Men.


I like Mom, it's a comedy to watch on Mondays. Never watched Dads the commercials turned me off enough, though I don't watch Fox much anymore because their shows just kinda suck. The Millers isn't the best but it's something to watch before The Crazy Ones on Thursdays so it's just on, I don't much pay attention to it, though I do love Margo. I'd have to say Super Fun Night is probably tied with Dads for worst. I love and I mean LOVE Rebel Wilson, Fat Amy stole Pitch Perfect but this just wasn't funny. I find that if Rebel isn't using her natural accent she isn't funny. I can bet if she used her Australian accent in this show it would be 10 times funnier.


The following, Hostages were the worst shows of the season.


They are all good choices except Lucky 7. That show was just slow-paced. These others are downright terrible.

Drea xoxo

The millers, the end!!


ABC - Lucky 7 ...

Sue ann

I think Margo Martindale is brilliant; I loved her on Dexter. I have been a fan of Beau Bridges since we were both children, and I watched him on his father's television show. With that in mind, I had high hopes for The Millers. Those two (I thought) could rise above any bad writing. I guess I was wrong. That show, much as I want to watch it, makes me cringe. Ms. Martindale's character is too far over the top. She is presented as a good mother, despite her excesses, but she is NOT a good mother. Beau Bridges's character is too stupid to believe; no one of even average intelligence can be that oblivious to the way the world and its devices run. I have never seen the three young ones before, the son, daughter, and son-in-law. And if I happen to see them again, I won't remember them from this. I intend to forget about the rest of this program as quickly as possible, too. I never saw any of the five programs in your list, so I have no opinion on which of those may have been worse than The Millers, if any. (If that is possible.)


Mom is the best new comedy!!!! Dads is pretty funny also. Lucky 7 was awful but I have say We are Men was the worst show.


I really like Brooklyn 99! I think it's great. Dad's was awful. Never watched Mom or Super Fun Night. I was on the fence with Lucky 7. Had the writing been just a wee bit better, it might have gotten some legs. I have a complaint about how most Polling is done. Instead of having to choose just one show, there should be multiple choices where we could indicate, for each show, our preference on a number scale that scored how much we loved it or hated it and a N/A if we had not watched it.

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