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Once Upon a Time Season 3: Major Death Ahead!

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Absolutely huge SPOILERS for the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 3 ahead. If you don't want to know STOP READING NOW!

OK. You've been warned. 

In an interview with TV Line, Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis leaked the news that a major character, "dies for real" toward the end of th spring.

No flashbacks, no reprieves. The actor will definitely leave the show.

All but one regular cast member is at risk. Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin) is apparently safe... but is that because he's already sacrificed his life to save his family from Peter Pan.

So many possibilities and none of them are making us happy. Let's take a look at who we might have to say goodbye to by the end of Once Upon a Time season 3

Once Without Emma?!?
She's the character who started our story. Could Once Upon a Time survive without Ms. Swan? It would certainly send Henry, Snow, Charming, Neal, and Hook all into a grief stricken tailspin.

If you had to choose one character to kill off this season, which would it be?


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It's the Prince!!!!!!!!!


I looked at another website and they said it's the least person someone would expect which would leave out Neal, Hook and possibly Belle. Also Snow since she's pregnant people have guessed. If Emma was killed off there would be no show so that's out. If Regina got killed Outlaw Queen would just end which doesn't make any sense. That leaves the Prince and Henry. If the Prince died Snow would have to take care of the kid on her own and they said a long time ago that if they were ever far apart all hope would be lost. So I was guessing Henry. However if he died it would spark a real big riot. Also people have guessed him. So I'm guessing Henry.

@ Samantha

the least person someone would expect? really? it was so obvious it would be him.. i hate the world..


I AGREE aswell hook and emma really don't match bt emma and neal that's true love punching you in the face #swanire #Hopeforneal


I would say Captain Hook to die as a hero. For everyone to be a happy family again. And no drama between Neal and Emma to be back together and be with there son, as a family. I would say Captain Hook he has no relations to the family. And he likes Emma. He seems to like to steal every ones women or at least try. Like he took mr golds wife and became a home wrecker in beginning . Now the captain has a thing for Emma, who has a son with Neal. Emma and Neal and Henry should be a family again along with the others who our related to them. With a happy ending lol. Not hook. If I had to choose.


Belle....I will be ok with losing Belle


Belle....I will be ok with losing Belle


Belle....I will be ok with losing Belle


Everone seems to have forgotten Belle so kill her off..


Henry needs to go. His common sense and overall intelligence is seriously in question after dealing with Peter Pan and the whole attached story line. I for one wouldnt miss his inane actions and comments. Let him be grieved for ...and be gone!


My money is on Henry. It would create the best storytelling for the characters since he is so emotionally connected to all of the main characters. Plus it is because of Henry that Emma believed in magic and trusted her powers it soil be interesting to see how both Regina and herself would react.