Young and the Restless Drama: Eric Braeden Defends Himself, Lashes Out at Michael Muhney

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The drama off the set of The Young and the Restless exceeds the drama on screen these days.

It started last month when fans were shocked to hear that Michael Muhney was fired from the role of Adam Newman after nearly six years on the show.

No official reason has been given, though one rumor has been that fictional father Eric Braeden pushed for his costar to get the boot, an allegation the veteran actor now vehemently denies.

Eric Braeden and Michael Muhney.

“We did have our differences, but for anyone to say that I had him fired is a lie,” Braeden tells Radar, acknowledging that a “shouting match” between the two did recently take place.

"I don’t remember the specifics of who said what but what I do recall is that I was prompted to get into ‘fisticuffs’ with him because he wanted me off the show," Braeden explains. "It was a campaign to get me off the show. It was Muhney who wanted to get me off the show and he expressed that to various people.”

There has also been talk that Muhney was inappropriate on set, most notably groping the breasts of 20-year old colleague Hunter King.

Muhney, meanwhile, has remained mostly quiet since his ousting. But viewers have not.

A group pooled together a few hundred dollars yesterday and flew a banner over CBS Studios that read TEAM MUHNEY SUPPORTS MICHAEL MUHNEY.

Contentious times, indeed. Muhney's final episode airs on January 30.

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I have stopped watching since early this month. I cannot stand Victors character anymore! His story line is just so stupid! I wish the other two the best of luck.


The only good an powerful character of show is Adam With out Muhney as Adam day time show does not worse it ...


Hunter King has been around and not new to acting. She performed before and is tight with one . Of the writers who brought her on Y & R, how convenient. She's not that good an actress, she's just a goo cried be/c that's all her role has been. I think since the changeover, the new powers that be don't know what they're doing. They have 3 top actors that are rare Eric, Adam and Billy and they don't appreciate them. Eric is getting older, Adam is a tremendous, powerful actor who could easily have stepped into Victor's shoes and u
have Billy who is an intense actor in a different way. Let me CLUE u in. Actors of this caliber don't come along very often; they are few and far between. Y & R should learn how to stroke the big egos on the show off screen. They claim the better the actor, the bigger the ego. U f going to lose a lot of viewers over this, including e who has watched for a long tie. .l


Wow !!!! I knew "Adam" was wicked. On another note I'm thinking Michael ( Adam ) has cut his nose off to spite his face. I believe he could have been the next Victor Newman I mean I love Eric Braden been watching Y&R since I was 12 ,I'm now 53 and like meeee Eric will not live 4ever. So you know to bad Adam was such a bad bad boy...


LOVE your comment 'Jon Tav' & I totally agree. It has all been such a shame, and they lost me as a viewer. My gosh, I have been watching over 10 years. Fire the best 2 leading men? Y&R can go down the tubes for all I care now. I have better things to do with my time!


Don't bet on it 'b murph'. People will do things for money or promotion when you least expect it. Who knows what Hunter King may have been offered to lie about Mr Muhney. I have watched people who I totally respected turn when money & a better position were offered. Totally Shocking what humans will do to get ahead (in their mind).

@ mindy

Well I hope Adam goes to a different show and when he does I will follow and not watch Y&R any more, I don't like Nikkie anymore, or Victor. It would be awesome if Billy and Adam went to the Bold an Beautiful


I KNEW IT! I knew there was something off about this story. Michael Muhney is a married man with a daughter, and he is a very gifted one of a kind actor, why would he resort to sexually harassing a co-star or have some kind of imaginary ego to get ahead? This just doesn't seem right. Not to mention, it was alleged! It hasn't even been proven, someone could've made this up to make Michael look bad. This is wrong. Michael Muhney LOVED the show just as much as the fans did, that's why he put his heart and soul into every single episode he did! He deserves better than this. And if it's true that Eric had something to do with Michael's firing, wake up! You guys are supposed to work as a team, not against each other! Keep the drama ON THE SCREEN!


Billy Miller & Michael Muhney off the show? I won't watch Y&R after 1/30/13. I don't trust anything Y&R corporate says. Now days an employee can be fired 4ANYTHING. Not worth the expense of the fight. Y&R is insane 2fire their 2best actors. I hope Mr Miller & Mr Muhney remain handsome & find a better acting job where they make a TON OF MONEY. Best revenge.




I hate to see him leave. He is such a great actor, between him and Billy they make the show.

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See, I only work out so I can eat doughnuts.


That was Victor's doing. It was purely personal. Believe me, old moneybags is going to eat his words. The magazine is gonna do great, and beauty of nature will be left in the dust.