9 TV Stars Who Absolutely Need to Host Saturday Night Live

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NBC announced today that Lena Dunham will host the March 1 edition of Saturday Night Live.

It's a great choice, and it comes after the NBC sketch show made another great choice from the television work: Kerry Washington from Scandal.

But there are so many more great choices out there!

The following actors and actresses are yet to host the program and we can only hope it's a matter of time before they get the call.

Toggle through our dream TV star choices now and then chime in with your own:

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Nathan Fillion was born to host SNL. He's funny, he can switch easily between gravitas and slapstick, he can dance,he's done improv, he "can carry a tune in a bucket" and it would be a great opportunity to have Neil Patrick Harris do a cameo. He has not only a devoted cult following from Firefly & Doctor Horrible, he also has a rather rabid Castle fanbase.
I also suspect that Nathan does a wicked Alec Baldwin impersonation, and having an Adam Baldwin vs. Alec Baldwin sketch... that would be so shiny. I don't know whether producers actually read this stuff, but if they do, PLEASE???
Also if you want to support this, tweet SNL about it.


how about Kat Dennings,Sarah Hyland


Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki from SUPERNATURAL would be fantastic hosts on SNL! I really wish the powers that be would book them for that show; it would be amazing! Just imagine the skits! Be still my heart! Love, Robin


Nathan Fillion of cause !


A few more suggestions: Matt Bohmer (of White Collar)!! How has Michael Weatherly from NCIS not been a host yet?? And don't you think Burn Notice's Jeffrey Donovan would be great as well...?


Jim Parsons is hosting SNL on March 1. Lena Dunham is hosting on March 8.


He's probably not a big enough star, but I'd say Charles Esten from Nashville. He's proven himself as versatile - we all know he can handle the comedy from Whose Line Is It Anyway, AND he can sing - that would likely be a great episode. Also, reading this list, I'm surprised Nathan Fillion hasn't hosted already! He would be perfect!!

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