11 Recent TV Deaths We May Never Get Over

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This has been a particularly dangerous time to be a character on television.

It seems no one is safe anywhere on the dial, as several of our favorites have met surprising, untimely and tragic ends over the past few months.

From the ones we expected to those that had us completely blindsided, they've all left us reeling. Some caused very real tears and, hey, we're not afraid to admit it!

As we struggle through the five stages of grief before finally arriving at acceptance, break out the tissues and mourn some of the most shocking demises in recent TV history here:

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How about Mark and Lexie from Grey's Anatomy !!!


I was 11 when Boomer got killed, that was the last episode of BSG my parents allowed me to watch. It took years to get over it.


where is Alaric from vampire diaries
two season past and still can't believe it

Leigh r
@ sandy

I don't know how we didn't put that in. Seriously half of us are still not over Alaric's death. I miss Ric!


Cried For Weeks Over Carter's Death! Just when I was looking forward to Reese+carter


I am still in shock from Will on good wife I didn't see that one coming poor Will


ok probably TVD is probably a predictable show right now but Katerina's death is an important death for TVseries!! Where is it?
I can imagine you don't care but for TVD's funs she was and her left was so sad (not the way she left but the fact)

Drea xoxo
@ MelanieDPond

I agree!!! I'm still in mourning!


Tommy Merlyn on Arrow. I know it was last year, but it still stings.


the only person missing is zoe from house of cards!! flat freaked me out!!!


Red Wedding, oh man, still hurts, and i did read it on the books just 2 weeks before the 3x09 episode


They may just be stories! What is the point of watching them if this is the only trick up the writers sleeves?

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