The Walking Dead Season Finale Preview: Who Will Die?

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The end of the line is near...

With the characters converging on Terminus - and some just arriving - hope and sanctuary seem to be at the forefront of the survivors' minds. But is it everything they hope it will be? Will Rick and the others band together once again?

Walking Dead Finale Poster

Of course, with this being The Walking Dead, death is always right around the corner.

We've counted down the 9 most shocking deaths on The Walking Dead, but now it's time to debate who might meet their fate on The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 16.

Hold on right and vote now: who do you think will die in The Walking Dead Season 4 finale?

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Right now I think it would be most shocking if nobody died...


As much as I hate to say it... Daryl seems ripe for the chopping block. The second half of this season has been heavily developing his character, building him up giving him hope them taking Beth away. The foreshadowing of daryl going to sleep in the casket makes me think he will die rescuing Beth or dying alongside her.