Once Upon a Time Set Scoop: Thanks for the Memories?

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On Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 19, Henry finally regained his memories.

Is this a good thing? A dangerous thing? A complicated thing?

We posed that question to stars Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin during a stop on the Once Upon a Time set a few weeks ago, gauging their reaction to this major development.

We also asked the pair about their fictional daughter and how they felt about Emma and Hook as a couple. Do they approve of that bad boy for their pretend offspring?

Check out the exclusive interview now and remember to watch Once Upon a Time online via TV Fanatic if you need to catch up at any time:

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What? I get where Snow and Charming are coming from in terms of Hook for Emma but I hate how it comes across as they're pure and perfect and Hook is a scoundrel because if there's anything this show has taught me, it's that you can't categorize people in black and white. He's not just a "bad boy", Ginny. I appreciate Josh talking about Hook saving his life and I get him saying Hook is not good enough because no one will ever be good enough. But it's all gonna be Emma's choice in the end.


I'm glad there's been less Rumbelle this season, because there was too much of this. The show is more enjoyable now without too much focus on Rumple, however honestly, I'm still drowning in too much Snowing. We need a break from Snow and David for a while.


I have to say that, as heroes, they are a bit too self-absorbed, no one is right except for them. If someone makes a mistake, like Hook did, trying to save Henry, he's the worst villain ever. I like when heroes have their flaws as well and they don't think they are perfect and everybody is above them...

@ Starbreeze

i meant below them :)


No one is enough for Emma, maybe only me ;)

Once Upon a Time Quotes

Maybe you should take a piece of advice from a man who has pushed away every chance of happiness because it was never enough. If it's within your grasp, if you know where it is and who it's with, then you should run to it, grasp it and never let it go.

Mr. Gold

True love isn't easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Prince Charming