TV Ratings Report: HIMYM Hits Series High

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The How I Met Your Mother finale garnered more than just abysmal reviews from fans across the nation last night.

It also earned a series high in ratings, with 12.9 million total viewers tuning in and 5.3 rating among 18-49-year olds.

Scroll down for a full look at Monday's results...

Special Friends
8 p.m.
Dancing with the Stars 13.6 million viewers
Bones: 5.6 million
Star-Crossed: 1.1 million
How I Met Your Mother: 12.9 million
9 p.m.
The Following: 4.2 million
The Tomorrow People: 1.1 million
Friends With Better Lives: 8 million/Mom: 72 million
10 p.m.
The Blacklist: 11.3 million
Intelligence: 5.5 million
Castle rerun: 7.4 million

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First for mom is that supposed to be 72 million or is it supposed to be 7.2 million. I loved the HIMYM finale. I didn't see the ending coming and it was a nice twist. I am really going to miss the show.


to all those who did not appreciate the way HIMYM came to an end, it is sad that not everyone can appreciate the finale for what it was. but I will say this if you don't have anything positive to say then rather just keep it to yourself. the cast and crew of the show poured their life into the show for many years and to try and take away from them now the moment to savour what they have accomplished with this show is truly uncalled for. at least try to show some decency, instead of just crapping on someone's accomplishments.


And how many of the people that watched desperately wish they could get that hour back?