Fox Cancels Enlisted, Dads and Surviving Jack

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Fox has canceled three new comedies and one new drama.

The network announced this afternoon that neither Enlisted nor Dads nor Surviving Jack will see a second season.

Rake, which Fox had burned off on Saturday nights before its first season run even ended, has also received the axe.

Enlisted Trio

Looking ahead, network chose to pass on the comedy pilots No Place Like Home (formerly known as Here’s Your Damn Family), Fatrick (from Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23‘s  Nahnatchka Khan) and Dead Boss (starring 30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski).

Here's a look at how we see the odds of some other bubble shows at the moment:

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Really sad and disappointed that surviving Jack wont get a second season.

Drea xoxo

they need to cancel HoD tbh


Rake too!? Jeez, c'mon. That was funny. I enjoyed it. It was different and ... damn. Just what the heck.


I really enjoyed Dad's. It started to pick up after the first couple episodes. It made me laugh. I'm sad to see it canceled already.

Karen rogers morejon

Surviving Jack is such a good funny and smart show. They're stupid to cancel it. Try advertising it more. I found it by accident.

@ Karen Rogers-Morejon

FOX, what r u thinking??? SURVIVING JACK instantly became our family favorite comedy!! BIG MISTAKE! FINALLY something new & refreshing, u just let a Great one slip through your fingers!!!

Rhysa luke
@ Karen Rogers-Morejon

I agree it was on a bad day, Thursday's they should have tried a different day before they cancelled it like Tuesday or Wednesday. Like where dads was scheduled. Surviving Jack is a great show very funny loved the music featured in the episodes but on a Thursday hour long shows are more popular ( Grey's, scandal, elementary)


This is why I stopped watching fox 2 years ago, the keep crap take good smart comedies or dramas and dumb them down to please the masses and lose the people who watched them, and dont even give other smart shows a chance. Enlisted and surviving jack nevet even had an opportunity to grow a fan base really. And they wonder why more and more people continue to tune out.

Ronald simkins

The put Enlisted on opposite of Grimm for God's Sake. I am surprised that Hart of Dixie gets renewed.


Why?? Enlisted was actually really good ! They're doing the same thing they did with Firefly. They're not even giving Enlisted a chance, they didn't show the episodes in order and they haven't shown it in months, not even repeats.

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