Once Upon a Time Season Finale Promo: Where to Next?

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On Once Upon a Time Season 3, viewers have been taken from Neverland to Oz; from The Big Apple to Storybrooke.

Now, following an episode that saw Zelena die at the hands of Rumpelstiltskin (for good?), viewers are looking ahead to next Sunday's two-hour finale and wondering:

Where might the show take us next?

The official ABC teaser promise a "spell-binding" installment that will reveal this answer in the closing few minutes. Follow Emma down a scary portal below and see for yourself:

Need to catch up prior to this mega finale?

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Doesn't this portal it's the same portal that Zelena was trying to back in time with and it opened after she died ???? so maybe Emma will be back in time and live all her life in the enchanted forest .


Maybe "down the rabbit hole" to wonderland?
Since they worked on that world so hard only for wonderland to be cancelled. And that character is joining them isn't he? Seems possible.


I'm trying to think of fairytales and stories that haven't been covered yet as to where they will be going next. Maybe Narnia? That could be kinda cool. Anyone else have any theories??

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