Hit the Floor: Watch Season 2 Episode 3 Online

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A shocking development marked Sloane's investigatio on Hit the Floor Season 2 Episode 3.

Meanwhile, Jelena got the upper hand on Ahsha and Terrence made a monumental decision.

Elsewhere, Jude and Zero teamed up for a scheme; while Lionel's true motives were exposed. To be what?!?

Watch Hit the Floor online now for the big reveal!

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I just love hit the floor and I'm glad everyone know about AhshaDerek

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Good show so far but our main character Ahsha, needs more depth. Her range is too narrow to make her interesting and a formidable opponent against the mean girl Jelena. Also, recommend a more flattering hairstyle for Ahsha, her hair is way too long and dead-looking. It is also covering her face half the time. Very distracting. Give her a better hairstyle, like evil Jelena's.

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