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The 100 Season Finale Photo Preview: Lives Will Be Lost

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The Grounders are coming!

On The 100 Season 1 Episode 13, the building conflict between the Grounders and the 100 becomes an all-out war. It's an intense battle of strategies and determination. The 100 have limited firepower against the Grounders' greater numbers. The death toll on both sides will be high.

While the teens battle for their lives on the ground, the adults in space fight for theirs by attempting to bring the Ark to the ground. 

Sacrifices will be made and lives will be lost. 

Check out the 100 season finale photos for some insight into the coming fight. You may want to have plenty of tissues on hand when you watch "We Are Grounders, Part II."

Bellamy Looks Goodbye
Bellamy takes a last look at the camp as they prepare to leave.

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Whose death would upset you the most?


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