Antonio Vega? He grew up in Angel Square, a crime-ridden section of Llanview. In 1989, he killed Ziggy Martinez in self-defense. Vega was sent to prison for seven years, during which time he received his GED and a college degree...

Wife: Jessica Buchanan
Children: Jamie Vega (with Keri Reynolds)
Stepchildren: Brennan Buchanan
Mothers: Isabella Santi (biological; deceased), Carlotta Vega (adoptive)
Fathers: Manuel Santi (biological; deceased), Diego Vega (adoptive; deceased)
Siblings: Tico Santi (deceased), Adriana Cramer (half-sister), Cristian Vega (adoptive)
Aunt: Carlotta Vega
Uncle: Diego Vega (deceased)
Cousin: Cristian Vega
Father-in-law: Clint Buchanan
Mother-in-law: Viki Davidson
Brothers-in-law: Joey Buchanan, Kevin Buchanan, Cord Roberts
Sisters-in-law: Natalie Buchanan
Significant Romantic Relationships: Andrea Harrison (1st wife/divorced), Roseanne Delgado, Keri Reynolds, Jessica Buchanan (married)

One Life To Live Quotes

My anaconda's eating Jack! What do I do?


Jessica: Do you know what an evil, lying tramp Shawna is?
Rex: Yeah. That's why I like her.