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Bobby "Elvis" Munson serves as SAMCRO's treasurer.

How did he earn such a nickname? Because he does Elvis impersonations in Lake Tahoe, of course. The character is a demolition and explosives expert.

Munson was jailed for the murder of Brenan Hefner, after a woman that lived in the building witnessed the murder and told the cops. However, Jax threatened the witness into leaving California and the case Bobby was based solely on that testimony.

Robert (Bobby) Munson Quotes

Gemma: Drive by. Nearly deported. This is only day one.
Bobby: It's just another vacation.

Half-Sack: It's a little bit painful when I ride. Sometimes I feel it when I walk. Other than that, back to normal.
Tig: Is it gay that I want to see it?
Bobby: Gay curious.
Tig: Come on, drop 'em.

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you ad a unique fill too the movie that it would not have without you. love the character a real kind of club savior. great character soa would not be soa if it weren't for you!! cudoes


I live the life and it gets just that harry at times but its the best way to live love the SOA keep it coming


Bobby Elvis you crack me up! a true biker! Ive known a lot of bikers in my days and I have to say one thing! you are a true biker! What awesome acting! They need to find you a wife!

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