Gabe Lowen joined Beauty and the Beast as a beast who was hoping to use Vincent's blood to cure his own condition. When Vincent was kidnapped at the end of Season 1, Gabe was killed. Cat brought him back to life, and when he awoke the beast in him was dead.

In Season 2, Gabe has taken the role of police chief as a way to help Cat first track down Vincent and, once he was found, to find a way to cure Vincent as Cat cured him so that he could in some way repay Cat for all she had done for him.

Tess thinks that Gabe is harboring feelings for Cat beyond gratitude, so nobody knows how that will play out in the future.

Gabe Lowen Quotes

Gabe: J.T., Catherine was attacked by a beast. I need you to ID this.
Vincent: What do you mean Catherine was attacked by a beast? What beast?
Gabe: Vincent!
Vincent: When?
Gabe: Hey. Didn't know you were here.

Cat: Except for the low rise jeans and the crop tops.
Gabe: Oh come on. I'm sure you look great in them.

Beauty and the Beast Quotes

Vincent: I am such an ass.
J.T.: Can't say I'm gonna argue with you there.

Vincent: [talking to Heather] Do you realize what you just did?
Heather: What? I was just saying how I feel.
Vincent: You just put a whole lot of peoples lives at risk, innocent people.
JT: [trying to stop Vincent] Vincent.
Vincent: You think I like doing this Heather? You think I like the fact that my wedding just blew up in my face?
Heather: [starting to cry] I'm sorry.
Vincent: You know because if Cat doesn't turn it around, and quick, Liam is gonna be out there and a whole lot of innocent people are gonna die. It's just not our lives at stake here, you get that?
Heather: [walking away crying and upset] Yeah.

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