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Gemma Teller-Morrow is the mother of Jax and Tommy.

She's the queen of Charming, a major schemer and expert in psychological manipulation. Gemma is married to Clay Morrow and is the widow of John Teller.

Gemma's main focus is on Jax; she can't wait until he's ready to assume control over SAMCRO and ensure the organization's survival for another generation. Gemma has a tattoo on her breast.

Gemma Teller-Morrow Quotes

Gemma: You gotta go see him, Jax.
Jax: I can't.
Gemma: Why? He'll break your heart? It's called being a father.
Jax: For how long? A day? A week?
Gemma: You know, you were born with that same heart defect your little brother had. (She lightly punches his chest) Seems pretty sturdy to me. I've been through hell, landed on my feet. Your father was hit by a goddamn semi, dragged 178 yards. And that bastard lived for two more days. Teller's do not die easy.
Jax: No, we just die bloody.

That's where you're wrong. You have no baby. You lost that privilege. (Grabs Wendy by the throat) You so much as cast a shadow on that kid, try to turn some legal screw and get custody, I will finish this job. He will never call you "mommy". (Releases Wendy, and throws a Bible on her table) I suggest you turn to Jesus.