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In 1976, Monica was stunned when her true love - and husband Dr. Jeff Webber's brother - Dr. Rick Webber turned out to be alive. Despite her love for Rick, Monica married Dr. Alan Quartermaine in 1978...

Marital Status
Married (Alan Quartermaine)
Past Marriages
Jeff Webber (divorced)
Edward Quartermaine (father-in-Law)
Lila Quartermaine (mother-in-Law)
Tracy Quartermaine (sister-in-Law)
Ned Ashton (nephew) Dillon (Hornesby)
Quartermaine (nephew)
Michael Morgan Corinthos III (grandson)
Lorena Sharpe-Barrington (cousin)
Dawn Winthrop (daughter; with David; Deceased)
Alan "AJ" Quartermaine Jr. (son; with Alan)
Jason Morgan (adopted son; Alan's with Susan Moore)
Emily Quartermaine (adoptive daughter; with Alan)
Flings & Affairs
David Langton (engaged; Deceased)
Rick Webber (engaged; Deceased)
"Phillipe" Sean Donely (affair)
Pierce Dorman (affair; Deceased)