Jessica Capshaw Offered Grey's Anatomy Contract

callie and arizona need to be together they have it, i dont think shrondra does.


this WAS STUPID. MOST NETWORK TV shows won't be renewed until official announcements are made in MAY! why include them in this list then.

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 14 Review: The Distance

We've had a mega dose of Amy and Arizona SL. Webber and Pierce will have their episode soon.
Where's Alex's SL? Mer is nowhere with her clinical trial, dreading meeting Der. I'm not enjoying S11.

Nashville Season 3 Episode 15 Review: That's the Way Love Goes

If they wanted drama, what about Luke being a match for Deacon!


Good interview, thank you.

Joseph mcgarry

I loved Penny's suggestion for what to do with the body paint canvas: Give it to Sheldon and tell him William Shatner painted it. LOL. if she had said that Leonard Nimoy painted it, that would have been a very interesting tribute to him.

Sarah silva

Great Finale.
I was not shocked by any events that happened.
After last weeks episode I had a feeling that Donna would go and work for Louis. Then when Donna and Harvey had their argument I knew she was going to go.
Part of me feels bad for Harvey but part of me does not.
I knew that Mike was going to propose as soon as he and Rachel had their conversation after they went to talk to Harvey.
I also knew that Harvey was wearing a wire when Forstman was at his office. I did let out a YES!!! When it happened.
The one think I did not like was Jessica's lack of sympathy when Louis was having the wake for Norma, he was giving his eulogy and then all the sudden she put an end to it. It seemed like it was inconvenient for her to be there. I guess it is not a big deal really with all the other things that happened but I am not a huge Jessica fan.
I am glad that Marcus seems to have turned his life around.


Who wakes up with full makeup on following 18 hrs. of surgury?

Scandal Season 4 Episode 14 Review: The Lawn Chair

I agree for the most part. Starting with the overall plot, the episode showed the beginnings of the aftermath of Olivia's kidnapping. It was refreshing to see a more vulnerable Olivia. I loved how Jake saw that she may not have been in the best mind state to handle the situation and how Huck and Quinn hold her in such high regard that they fail to see that Olivia is suffering form the consequences of a traumatic experience and that she may not have been as okay as she said.
Another thing that I really liked about this episode is that Fitz and Mellie are teaming up again. Those two have a very interesting dynamic and-even though he may be turning to Mellie because Olivia sent him to hell-it's nice to see them together again, as together as they can be anyway. Also, when Olivia admits to David, her white-hat friend, that she was afraid she was going to die was a nice moment. It shows a deeper level of Olivia and David's relationship.
As for the whole shooting thing, it was a very, very bold move from Shonda. Not only is Ferguson still fresh in some of America's minds, but also she made it very obvious where she stands in the matter. However, I feel the episode was, indeed, directed to a very specific group of people. As someone who doesn't live in the US and doesn't take the Michael Brown killing as personal as others that live there do (that is not to say that I don't care about it), I have to admit that at moments I thought "this is what I waited two weeks for?".
There were two scenes that caught my eye. One was when the police officer talked about protecting "those people" from themselves. It was incredibly well scripted and it gave us some insight as to why the police officer might have shot both the guy in the series, and real life Michael Brown. The other was when Fits hugged Clarence. In this scene he showed us both empathy for the Clarence and that, obviously, Jerry's death was still a fresh wound. It also was Shonda's way of telling us that this is what she would've liked President Obama to do.
The episode was powerful, but not "the most powerful one of the season", as it was advertised. However important the message Shonda wanted to send is, it was also biased. Overall, the episode was well scripted and directed but it wasn't nothing out of the ordinary.

Elementary Season 3 Episode 16 Review: For All You Know

I don't think Sherlock will ever relapse. But I think the possibility of it always being on the horizon is part and parcel of the addiction and the constant struggle Sherlock has in keeping sober. I really like that aspect (among many) of the show. I think we'll be seeing Oscar again. I don't remember where I know that actor from, but I know he's a good one and did a great job in this episode, too.