I feel that we currently have too many secondary characters with storylines that are completely independent of each other and, at this point in time, don't appear to intersect or have a common demnominator to create a cohesive story that unfolds to show a relationship to the greater arc. Now, that being said, everything could change in one episode and we could start to understand how all of these characters and their stories are really part of a bigger story that is being told in a very subtle way.
I am concerned that Cass lost his GRACE at the beginning of Season 9 and here we are in Season 10 and that story has not moved forward with the exception of Crowley's intervention. This is a general concern that I have with the season is the writers don't seem to be moving the ball forward towards a clear goal or end. This could all be intentional and I am hopeful and optimistic that all will come together and intersect in a climactic moment or episode where we will be like "OMG" I didn't see that coming and that was awesome. I just don't want to have to waddle through an entire season to see resolution to problems that have been around for well over a season now.
I am hopeful that there will be a meaningful point to the Claire storyline other than it was created to fill time in epsidoes. I'm sure the writers have a clear plan here - it's just hard to see what they may have in store for us. Rowena seemed interesting to me, at first, but has become tedious to watch and not very entertaining. Again, I hope this will all be amped up so that Rowena's purpose and role will have meaning to the story and to the viewers. Crowley is amazing and I am hopeful he will be given more substance to work with and not portrayed as a mama's boy who couldn't see what was right in front of him.
Season 10 was promoted as being about DEANMON but it's hard to tell if that was just promotional or real. The pacing this season and the way the episodes have been organized (or presented) don't seem logical and don't seem to carry a lot from one episode to the next save a last minute Dean does something dark just for the sake of the DEANMON story or Rowena manipulates Crowley for just a few minutes and then the scene cuts to Claire with no resolution to what Rowena was up to and no linear script to anticipate when, where and why Rowena will be back other than screen time needed to be filled. I think Season 10 has a lot of good ideas but lacks strong execution on any idea and just throws way too much at the viewer. As a viewer I am confused - am I invested in any character's story? Do I know more about Sam or Dean or their relationship because Dean was turned into a demon and what the impact of that was on the two of them? The writers have given me a little here and a little there but not enough to draw me in and make me care. There are so many wonderful opportunities for Season 10 and I hope that all will be realized with a little more time. I do get the feeling that the writers wrote Dean as a demon at the end of Season 9 for dramatic effect and then didn't really know what to do with the story in Season 10 so I feel a little short changed not allowing Dean to explore that darkness. I also would like a lot more back story on what Sam has done to save Dean or find Dean because he has a lot of making up to do for not looking for Dean for an entire year when he was in purgagtory.

Arrow Round Table: Is There Faith in the Audience?

Lol did you guys watch the same show? EBR killed it as Felicity and I thought it was some of her best work. Diggle was good but the other actors were a bit wooden. I'm looking forward to the next I stallment :)

Ronald simkins
The 100 Round Table: Why Finn Had to Die

For God's sake cool it on the hook-ups in this show. At last a show that is not driven by teeny girls Harlequin romances of girl/boy girl/boy forever. Don't ruin it by a Bellamy/Clarke love nest.

Revenge Season 4 Episode 14 Review: Happily Ever Emily

Wow, I never thought I'd say this but sign me up for a Jack/Margaux reunion! They had more chemistry in that little scene than Jack and Emily have had for about two whole seasons. I could totally see Jack falling back in love with Margaux if he could finally put the Emily thing to rest and he seems to be the only one who could calm Margaux down and steer her off of this crazy revenge path. I can imagine Daniel rolling in his grave at the thought of Jack raising his child though, lol.

Gotham Season 1 Episode 13 Review: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon

It will always be the best reality TV show out there.
I watched This Show at here =======>> http://po.st/igyuXD

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Truth Be Told

On tonight's #‎LHHNY you heard:
“Heartbreak Dreams” - Betty Who
Listen + Download here: @ http://x.co/6Hnib


I want to see a real romance for Watson, not the stiffs cast so far. Lucy Liu is surprisingly good in light romantic comedies like Watching the Detectives, Code Name the Cleaner, Marry Me, etc.


Continuing tale of the doctor who took things into his own hands. True to their word, the doctor was formally arraigned today and his bail was set at a fortune level. He made bail. His attorney will begin negotiations with the district attorney. Neither wants a trial. Emotions would be elevated and public sympathy will probably fall on the side of the doctor. I will meet with the doctor next weekend. As I stated, I have known him for 9 years, and have found him to be a kind and sympathetic person. Yet, something made him snap, and he went way overboard. He was charged with various counts of assault. I am not an attorney and do not know the actual wording of the charges. Needless to say, attacking someone with a potential weapon is not taken lightly by the authorities. However, we cannot discount the effect of emotions and the trauma what he witnessed. This is the similarity to Neil. Neil assaulted Simon, yet did no damage and no legal repercussions. The doctor in this horrible event, would have been wise to lower the weapon and just beat the crap out of the minister. In this area, I doubt that the district attorney could assemble a jury to issue a unanimous verdict against the doctor if the violence had occurred with just fisticuff. I know that this seems strange, but I live in a community which tends to forgive acts of passion. The more affluent parts of Southern California are just like that. I do not approve of any violence to the cheating spouse.. She is filth and should be dismissed as such. The wife has been locked out of the house and all the major bank accounts have been frozen. She is on her own, literally. I heard from the doctor's sister, that the wife has been shunned by her peers in the community. The doctor's sister (on my staff) attends the same church as her brothers spouse. The cheating minister is a source of open ridicule. The majority of parishioners openly mock him and have no sympathy. The wife of the minister has not been seen by the parishioners. He is done. This is as bad an outcome as can be postulated. Adultery has consequences, and in extreme circumstances may even prove life threatening.

Resurrection Season 2 Episode 13 Review: Love in Return

"The finale was crafted very well, in such a way that could serve as a series or season ender." You must be from Venus.


Ready for Miss Bunting to go bye-bye. She's clearly only coming to actively stir the pot with her hostile superiority. It's the height of rudeness and is inexcusable sitting at their table partaking of their generosity. She doesn't have to agree with him but she does have to be civil and gracious of his hospitality. She thinks quite a lot of herself, just in a different way than do those who she looks down her nose at. I understand Lord Grantham is taking some hits over his reaction but I say it was high time she was called out and he had already shown a great amount of restraint during the previous . You simply should not have to abide a personal attack time and again at your own dinner table from people you are feeding. I can fault him for bringing Daisy and Mrs Patmore up though. And Tom should have already been thoroughly embarrassed by Bunting. At this point she's reflecting badly on him. It's fine that he agrees with her but her stellar lack of class and manners should've clued him in their meets should be held elsewhere. Agreed that Violet and Isobel are just the bright spots more times than not. Heaven knows we could use some bright spots after any and all of Edith's scenes. And what about Mr Molesley ..he has a hard enough time as it is. I felt badly for him. Hate they're resurrecting the Bates and Anna mess from prior seasons. I was tired of it last year. I don't even care to watch during those scenes.