I tried, but I think I'm about to give up on this. How many tropes can they possible fit into 40 minutes.. seriously. was there a single plot turn in this episode that you could not see coming from a mile away? Other then Vera's gift I mean. And that only escaped me because it turned out to be really stupid instead of just cliché.


I was confused and disappointed by Abby being the killer. I had heard a bunch of people say that the producer had stated that this would not have the same ending as the Aussie version. The one thing that did come as a surprise was Abby being a psychopath. Ben is an idiot for not listening to Cornell. I get that he loves his daughter, but he will be partly responsible for any future murders that Abby commits. Innocent people are going to die, and the only one that seems to get that is Natalie. I really liked Cornell in this episode, she is pitbull when it comes to her cases, but all that matters to her is that justice is served.

Mad Men Season 7 Episode 12 Review: Lost Horizon

Tonight we lost a vaillant soldier to the cause. After a much honorable last fight, Joan eventually gave up. Hopefully, she will be revenged by Peggy giving them a hard time for their money ... Go, girl, go ! "We've come a long way", as a famous add used to say (the irony is not lost on me that it was a tabbacco one). And the struggle for woman equal opportunity at work is still a harsh reality. We have won battles, not the war. This last episode clearly helps us remember what women have gained over the last decades and how to fight for more. And I'm all with you Carissa, hoping for a "happy ending", although I'm not sure this is really what Mad Man as a show is about. It's more about failures, bad choices and creative means to cope with them and continue to breathe despite of them. Hopefully, there will be some sort of emotional closure for all of our favorite characters and a clever final statement for the audience. The roller skating scene was just perfect ....

Beauty and The Beast Season 3: DELAYED!

aaaaaargh the torturous wait continues!!


I feel like mercy has pretty much never been seen by a viewer as scary/crazy/etc, instead seen as stupid from a b-movie aspect, semi-funny because she's not scary enough. Thankfully it looks like next episode lucy lawless will get her back to normal. Also good that it finally is the end of Isaac strapped to a bed and first the doctor, then mercy, hovering around him. That's probably been the most boring part of the season by far. I think it's interesting that the main character of season one, so far has been a real minor character this season. I don't really see how that could change unless he abandons his private witch hunt and is allowed back as a townsperson. But I don't really mind that Mary has been the main focus this year since she is interesting and hot. Alden also seems like he's over-acting this year too, more than in season one. Plus anything Indian-related on TV pretty much always seems hokey to some degree. This season is probably like a 3.25 overall so far, it's pretty enjoyable just not the highest level of TV.


The scene between Emma and Killian at the docks was so beautiful. I love how he always knows what to tell her to touch her heart - and how concerned he always is about her wellbeing. Not forgiving her parents - understandably imo because they took away her agency in a way - was hurting Emma and he didn't want that for her. I love how this season has shown that Killian is as much Emma's light as Emma is his.
The whole episode was filled with meaningful dialog and after the previous 3 episodes just weren't that powerful (for me), I'm so happy this episode got me all excited for the finale again!


Isn't Gracie carrying Mark and Elena's baby? Now that they are brother and sister, what does that make the child?


Love the show and its inherent goodness, even if it borders on naivete at times. Hope it will be back soon!


It was obvious Victoria was trying to set Emily up. Margaux is a terrible terrible villain... I was so glad when Emily confronted her in jail.. I was surprised to see how good Charlotte was. She needs to be with her dad right now.
Why can't it be a 2-hours finale?!?
There's so much to cover!!!


Why did the author wait for Regina to dictate something? And then went back to Rumple so the Dark One could tell him a story? The author has worked entirely alone before, did he run out of ideas? Is he curious? Does he fear the Apprentice could somehow banish him again, so he seeks an ally?
It just didn't make sense for me that he stayed around, waiting patiently, after he got the ink. But maybe I missed something and one of you guys can explain. After quite a long time, I'm finally looking forward to an episode again. Heroes and Villains sounds promising. I really, really hope the writers don't mess this up again (they went down a similar route with the curse of the shattered mirror and totally wasted a wonderful opportunity, imo, when everything got solved so fast and easily).
I hope they include minor characters again, like Dr. Hopper or Granny or the dwarves... And where the hell is August??? Miss him! (Another example of a wasted character / storyline.)