Poor Tony he just can not catch a break and I love that chase with the woman


Very entertaining episode and I think we will see Claire again. The POI team is back and has a new HQ. It was interesting to watch Finch struggle with getting involved again and accepting the risks and danger that will follower. John is leading the way for humanitarian of the year award and Shaw is mellowing but the elevator scene was classic Reece and Shaw. The writers are doing a great job although I hope it doesn't get any darker. And can someone give Finch some money. He was happier when he had unlimited funds and could use his money to help people.


It wasn't funny. Like at all

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 1 Review: The Locomotion Interruption

You're absolutely right-on. I had the same feelings which is why I did a search for BBT Season 8. The tone seems much more serious this season and people watch the show because it's supposed to be funny! I felt conflicted when I found out Penny had actually gotten the job. You're 100% correct about that scene being shorted. They should have cut Sheldon's ridiculous hot dog conversation and given more time to Penny's interview. That first episode felt more like a cheesy soap opera where they attempted to cram 400 different story lines into one episode leaving almost all story lines feeling shorted and weak. I would have loved to have seen some flashbacks of Sheldon's trip and his interactions with people. That could have been hilarious. Meticulous Sheldon with nothing but the clothes on his back... I was looking forward to hearing about it and was sorely disappointed. I am a hug fan of this show and think the most I could give the first episode is two stars. :(

19 Shocking Vampire Diaries Deaths

Katherine pierce


It was a great episode and I agree with @Kiki about the too many story lines. I'm looking forward to see who is going to help Kelly. He's been there for most of the people anyway he could but now it seems no one pays attention to him except for Herman. I know it's hard to deal with the loss of a loved one and one need time but even so, they are a family, they should look out for each other. And I wonder what Lindsey is willing to do for him. Seriously, I can't see the reason Shay had to be eliminated. I know, we need the drama but this move was not the best possible to create it. I've seen Lauren German in H50, her character was poorly written but in this shoe Shay was one of the best characters and Lauren did a great job. Why is she dead now? :(


I think Luann should be on the list. Death was prutal and the whole thing drove Otto insane and eventually to his own death.

Once Upon a Time Round Table: Was There Too Much Frozen?

I like the Frozen characters and story. And the original story... Snow Queen.
Loved Anna the most I guess... so cute, felt Elsa's fear. Impressed with Pabbie.
I loved Emma in finally taking a baby step which are really huge step to not avoid Hook and know she wants this and him... but needs time. A kiss a promise.... be patient basically saying wait for me (this scene going on & after on twitter Hook and Emma was trending :) which was so cool to see)
Emma is kinda caught up in being saviour and thinking about other ppl's happiness that she is along the way neglecting hers... and Hook fights for that. He is someone who puts her first and she needs that!

Bones Round Table: Season Premiere Shocker

Hate that Sweets was killed off! What a way to kick off new season. Maybe it was staged & they are all in on it!

10 Best Supernatural Episodes

The Mystery Spot from Season 3 is definitely my #1! I always think of it everytime I hear Asia!