11 Shows That Should Be Canceled Immediately

Wtf... why is AHS even ON there??

Regina vilela
Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 17 Review: Best Laid Plans

I'm still not sure why Lily, Ursula and Cruella got sent into our world by the sorcerer. Didn't he say Lily was too evil to stay in the enchanted forest and he had sent her to "the place where she belongs". Do all things evil belong in our world or is it just because here they won't have the magic to act on their darkness?

The Flash Season 1 Episode 16 Review: Rogue Time

That Iris girl's high maintenance with that fine booty an all. Wooo she fine as hot damn!

Spindae 2o

I Lol-ed hard when I saw the title on my Twitter feed. "Can someone check on Roy?" hilarious. I think this is just the response the writers wanted from this audience. Make fun about it, have something to talk about and had a couple of big laughs reading viewers comments.
Would I change anything ?
Merlyn's story or better said Oliver's attitude towards Merlyn's moves. I liked his master plan of Oliver taking out Ra's and using Thea for it, but since mid-season it isn't working for me. Not working at all. I'm a bit glad Sara is dead, it gave Laurel the well deserved focus she got and Laurel is currently killing it. This part of S03 is really full girl power, cause F, L and T are doing some amazing scenes.
Dyla wedding?
I hoped for a bit more but they owned it as Carla said, it was so truth to their characters.
Argus and SS?
I think this story is so over. But I'm truly glad the show gave Deadshot such an amazing story to bow out. Enjoyed the flashbacks and his moments with Dig. The only thing I don't get is how was he shooting people in the building he was standing on? The writers should've thought this better through.
The Triangle?
I found it interesting, Even though I'm not an Ray fan, he finally was introduced into the real story. Loved Oliver being so grounded about it, good stuff. I just hope Ray and Felicity could break up soon, they don't fit well in my mind and I'm not a furious Olicity shipper.


I am probably in the minority here but I hope that something happens that will make it so that Alicia stays at the firm and not go to the State's Attorney's office. Because I love Alicia's dynamic with the Diane, Cary, and of course the clients'.


So, I have a question here. If the Author isn't the 'good guy' everyone thinks he is, were the decisions that Snow & Charming made really theirs? The Sorcerer's Apprentice (who I think is the Sorcerer himself) said "I can't believe you made me do that to that child." and the Author's response was about how it made a better story. Remember, the (now) Author sent them down a (litteral) path to a different destination then where they were going. He interfered with their normal path. The only reason I wonder this, is it is so out of character and they were both surprised at their own actions, is it possible the Author 'wrote' it that way? Just curious. I also like how they introduced "Lily" a while ago. Everyone knew that we would be seeing her again, but no one knew how. The thing now will be, is how does Lily get to Storybrooke? Two weeks is to long to find out the next step. Darn Easter sunday :( lol.


AMAZING FINALE. Now I have to wait so darn long. The machinations are in place for another great season. Carol you're the Queen of Alexandria. To look back and see where they came from, they're a pretty amazing group. I'm glad that they didn't find it necessary to "kill someone off ".

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 8 Review: Mummy on the Orient Express

Really i just loved it. The whole season was superb. Thanks for posting about the season and the episode too.

Spindae 2o

Think at moments cause of her positive attitude we all often underestimate the horror Snow went through while growing up with Regina, her parents dead and under a constant torment.
I think it was beautifully played out and Snow's fears and knowledge about the dark magic around her were to strong than to believe in her own light and the light of the people around her.
The only thing bugging me is how Ursula and Cruella didn't age in our world for 30 years.

Mike & Molly Season 5 Episode 16

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