I don't see the big deal. Most shows receive ALOT more than they do on this show and this is the number rated show. Give them what they ask for since other people on other shows make more than that

The Big Bang Theory Postpones Production Amidst Contract Standoff

That's what happened to "Friends"!


That's some hefty pay raise. I know it's the most popular show on TV, but a million an episode? I see the end of TBBT after the 3 year contract.

The Last Ship Review: Panic Sets In

My new favorite show...at least while others are on summer hiatus.

Claire Holt Cast as Series Regular on Aquarius

Huge congrats to her! As much as it pains me not to see Rebekah as a permanent part of the show, I guess she can still make some guests appearences every once in awhile and the actress deserves this! Can't wait to see her in her new project! I wish her all the best!

Scream for Me

Hanna’s having a few problems. Aria’s turned on her -- seems Hanna’s having a tough time keeping her mouth shut unless she’s chugging a beer, or with Caleb, in which case her mouth is firmly planted on his. Then there’s Zack, but no one believes Hanna about
this one (see above). #PLL is indexing at 35% positive in Twitter today, but lots of “feeling bad” for Hanna and “hating to see the PLLs fight” has influenced sentiment negatively. Still, lots of “love” and “A-drenaline” for the show. http://www.30db.com/homeNews.p...

Royal Pains Review: Surprise, Surprise

So, here's the hank romantic storyline I'd liketo see: Hank finally "comes out" - explaining why he hasn't been able to maintain a heterosexual relationship - and they have Matt Bomer as a guest playing his first new love interest. ;-D

Covert Affairs Review: To Trust or Not

"Trust" was forefront in this last episode.....McQuaid proved himself to Annie by saving her life, keeping her secret and giving up the secret that has kept them apart. I found interesting that Annie would find Auggie's actions with Natasha so bad as he could lose his job. When she put him in the same position with his handling of her medical file. Joan and Arthur adjust to their new situation. Calder is getting more action than anyone.........At season's end, I bet we are going to find out Calder set up the "hooker" situation, just as he set up Annie's fake death. Calder is a "genius" at putting in a plan that no one suspects the real deal.....Looking forward to Annie and McQuaid adventures.....in the field, coat closets, or on balconies with romantic backdrops........

@ gizmolebrat

If Calder is setting her up then I'll take back every bad thing I've thought and said about that relationship. Given his "obsession" with her, I never even considered that he could be playing her. Since he seemed surprised by finding Stephanie's photo in the investigation batch, I'm not sure it's probable though.


I liked this episode!
Except for one item: Why did they have to make Zack a creep? It made me think that he is working with A, but then I remembered that A opened that invitation last week, so A may be blackmailing Zack into hitting on Hannah in order to isolate her from her friends and make Hanna the next target as Hanna did not get that text last week so I think that A is really trying to get the girls to turn on Hanna. Okay now I have a thought, Ali is really A and since Hanna seems to be the only one that is being mean to Ali, Ali wants her gone and so she is doing all this to Hanna!
I like the idea of Toby being a cop!
Emily is cluing into the fact that Sydney can't be trusted. It will be a matter of time before she connects her to A.
Ali is up to her old tricks, that little look on her face when she told Em and Spencer that she had Noel pretend to be A so that Ashley would believe her, just proves there is always more to Ali and what she is up to. Makes me think even more that my theory is right!
I still say that Bethany was Ali's twin.


I thought she left The Originals because she was exhausted and wanted to spend time with her family in Australia. Sounds like she was not happy on The Originals.