Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Round Table: Ward's Back!

Well having seen the Avengers yesterday I don't really see the tie-in yet. Don't wanna spoil anything so I wont say where I could see it happening. Agree on the Ward stances. I guess the redemption arc is what they are doing and I am okay with that if the team doesn't magically start to forgive him. Doesn't look like it though. Coulson sure talks a lot about being Director of Shield so I wonder what kind of ressouces he has. (Thinks back to the Avengers and I makes a lot more sense)


I wasn't a fan of this episode


Wow, a "wesen of the week" story I liked. That's been a while. I particularly liked Monroe's speech at the camp.Oh and how nice did he put down that guys protest about Nick and him working together! But now to the real meat of the episode. Juliette and her 50 shades of booooohoooo.
Don't get me wrong, I'm happy the storyline is FINALLY going somewhere, that does
not mean I can't still be annoyed how unsympathetic this arc is written.Falling fom grace and redemption arcs dont work unless the viewer wants the character to get better. I would like Nick to separate her head from her shoulders.. Still, this was one of the better episodes in a while. Nothing spectacular though.
Its like eating an apple after a days of nothing but water and bread.


Boy did she screw up this time after all these years of watching I am truly pissed off I;m done with it

2 Broke Girls Review: Crossing Too Many Lines?

"2 Broke Girls is a cesspool of Anti-Polish Bigotry and hatred. As a newcomer to these media sites I am shocked to see how much Anti-Polish Bigotry there is in the media. Its quite shameful since I have always known the Poles as being a PRO-American nation. Poles were the first to decode the Nazi German Enigma Code..that the propaganda movie "Imitation Game" gave them NO credit for. The Poles also contributed greatly in the "Battle of Britain" with their Polish Sqaudron 303. These were great Polish contributions to defeating the Nazi Germans....so why in hell are the "American" producers of "2 Broke Girls" so damn hateful towards Polish people? Also its disgusting that the "American" CBS-TV CEO Les Moonves allows all of this anti-Polish bigotry and hatred on his TV network. It seems CBS-TV CEO Les Moonves is an Anti-Polish Bigot. What is wrong with these CBS-TV People? Why are they such Anti-Polish Bigots and racists?

Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Like Hell Pt.2

I have been a fan of Lost Girl ever since it first aired on Syfy. Let's face it, Syfy has very few dramatic series worth mentioning. But, I tend to like this dramatic series. I only watch three drama series on Syfy and that's it. The rest is just worthless too me, IMO. There is something about Lost Girl that draws people in. I think it's because it's fantasy and dealing with fae or it could be Bo's sex drive. Either way, I have weathered through each season and cried my eyes out when Hale was killed off and wept for Kenzi as she grieved and then ultimately died. I really think that the writers didn't do justice to the Hale/Kenzi relationship. If they would have kept him on and they got married, it would have added depth to the series and even more interesting story lines. I was glad to see that Bo was able to save Kenzi and now Kenzi has realized that being in that world and lifestyle has taken its toll on her emotionally and physically. I can't blame her one bit! I do have to say that her Wedding dress was so incredible!!! She looked so beautiful in it and I loved how they did her hair. No more punk rebel Kenzi. She's a sophisticated lady now and off to hopefully start a new life. She was the comedy relief for the series. I think that it's a mistake for her to leave and I really do hope that she will come back ASAP! Her character cracked me up with all the wit and sarcasm. What will we do now without her?
Honestly, I'm not sure where the series is heading. I know it's the last season but it's only two episodes in and I can't see how the writers are going to pull off a great series finale. I do feel that this last episode was a horrible waste of Bo's time and the viewers'. I did like the side storyline and that's what kept this episode afloat. Having all of Team Bo sitting at the table laughing and finally taking time to breath was refreshing especially since they have gone through so much in the past several months.
Ok, I am going to say it...Could Dyson make opening and closing the gates look any faker than it already was???? I will let it slide. It's a fantasy series and we need to just roll with things and enjoy the series. At least, what's left of this series. I'm glad that I was told about Lost Girl by a friend and had a chance to enjoy it from the beginning. Has it had its issues, YUP, but the fans and I love it so we keep watching. It will be sad when this season ends. They have had a pretty great run and many countries watch the series. That's more than I can say for the majority of the network TV series. And, that's my opinion on the episode and characters. I'm sure that others may disagree but that totally cool with me. That's why we have the comments section. Until the next episode...


Since reading someone would get shot I tried to figure who? I thought Jamie at first but then I saw his SEG wasn't gonna be on the episode and figured they would prob have him if he was shot. Then everyone else seemed like they had a equal but Danny. Once the episode started it realize it would Frank Jamie or Linda. Frank because of what he said about they'll just pick someone else, but thought most deff Jamie or Linda for trying to help that kid. But I thought it would be More of a the cop and nurse are trying to prevent you from join type of initiation. Totally hopes she survives, one all other seasons they like to wrap things up nicely.

Grimm Season 4 Episode 19 Review: Iron Hans

I'm a bit confused with what is happening to Renard. Something is lost in translation for me there and I have been watching each episode like a hawk. I'm not a serious Grimm fan that has plotted out all the charters and the Weson (which all I keep hearing when they say Weson is "Veson") maybe I have it wrong. I'm actually a late Grimm bloomer fan. But, in all fairness, I have actually watched all the seasons several times. It's a fun series to watch. I love Rosalie and her incredible reactions to things over the past two episodes! She's a great actress and between her and Monroe, they really do give the series a certain kind of warmth. I will openly admit that I am a super huge Supernatural fan! But, I really try to block that out while watching Grimm since they really are two dynamically different types of series although the some would argue that they are similar in numerous ways. At least Nick TRIES to find alternative ways to deal with the Weson instead of just killing each and everyone of them that he comes into. Ok, tonight's episode, loved the thought of a camp out get a away "coming of age" for Weson kids and fathers. In a way, it was nice to see that they are not all killers and the majority of Weson are dealing with not truly understanding themselves. I loved Monroe's talk at the campfire and how much he prides himself for changing and that the Weson community does strattle two worlds and it can certainly be very hard for the kids and families.
Yes, it was obvious that the daughter was the Weson killer of the week. Juliette, has always been in the back seat when it comes to the series. Well, her and Wu have been there together a lot. I know that a lot of fans do not like Juliette and I guess that I am one of the odd ones that really likes each character on Team Grimm. Juliette didn't ask to be transformed. But she was and she was always supportive of Nick, after she got her memories back, and still was in the backseat. Now he has mad skills and a bit power hungry and a tad crazy. But, it's breathing new life into the character and I absolutely LOVE that Adelind is seriously scared of her. For the past seasons everyone was petrified of Adelind's powers and what she would do. Now Juliette is the big wild card. I think that if they try to bind her, it's really not going to end well for Team Grimm. I have no idea what the writers have in mind for Juliette but it will certainly be interesting to watch. So, the trailer burned. Nick will be pretty p.o.ed next week. I do think that his mom will come out of hiding. I'm wondering what will that accomplish and what is the future for Adelind and Nick's baby? I seriously can't see them playing "house" together.
And, while we are in the topic of the trailer being completely destroyed, what does this mean for Nick now that he has no weapons, books, or supplies? That info was absolutely rare and priceless and just went up in flames. Wu, dude, where were your made computer skills at? Why weren't you putting all of the books and info into a computer data base? Oh...maybe because books look more realistic and I guess having all that info on a laptop would just not be as authentic as books and papers all over the table and a surpringly small trailer that magically gets bigger as soon as you enter it. Hmmm...
Well, I'm looking forward to the rest of the episodes. I know that they certainly can't be as bad as the end of Season 2 and the opening of Season 3. Zombies???? Really??? But, I kept on watching and loving the series. 😀

Grimm Season 4 Episode 19 Review: Iron Hans

Absolutely horrible and dreadful episode. Not just bad quality-wise, but soul-sickening as well. The kind of television that makes you spend the rest of the night vomiting into a toilet. Juliette is now just a one-note monster inflicting physical and emotional pain wherever she goes. It's not dramatic, it's not innovative, it's just depressing as hell. And Kenneth. I'm incapable of watching another episode until he's dead.

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Damon decision is really surprised me because he did not even considered that option when they were searching for the cure and not knowing that there was only one cure. The question is how he's going to be human again, because I do not think he's going to drain Elena from her blood after she drink the cure, I do not think he would risk her life, so my guess is he's going to get the cure from 1903 and he will bring with him the heretics and they will be the new bad guys in season 7. I'm really excited for the next episode to see what happen. Loved Enzo and Lily scenes and I 'm hoping that Enzo storyline finally get better, which by the way I found it odd that we knew Enzo as Damon's friend and since he became a regular on the show we have not see them together in one scene, right? What happen writers, WE WANT DENZO SCENES.