Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 4 Review: The Sons of the Harpy

Cersei, unlike Littlefinger, isn't that good at manipulation. She believes she is but the High Sparrow played her beautifully. In the book, it is the High Sparrow who suggests the army of faithful. Either way Cersei is going to be horribly screwed. You cannot control people like this - refusing the king entry is...anyone else that did that would be charged with treason. But Tommen was right to not create the riot that his brother did. I think the end is near for Cersei.


I can only hope that the author or Rumple write out Zelena because they are as tired of her as we are. Then, Regina won't be responsible and the rest of us can be rid of her. Why on earth is she back? Couldn't have Marian just have taken a header in the subway without this season getting all mucked up w/Zelena?


Sorry. If NBC cancels the Mysteries of Laura and The Slap, Madam Secretary will be the WORST RENEWAL OF THE SEASON. Even State of Affairs and Forever aren't worse than Madam Secretary, and both of them will probably be cancelled too. If this wasn't a CBS show, I highly doubt it would have been back.

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 21 Review: Mother

Beautiful scene of Emma and Hook at the docks. The understanding and communicatin and protecting her heart <3


I just do not know how they will fit it all into an hour............but OUAT is 2 hrs so.....Guessing they will plant Ben's body somewhere I would like Charlotte to help her sister but I am concerned that they have some idea that all should pay. I will not be a happy camper should this end badly all around. That is not what I signed up for as a viewer when it began.

Revenge Season 4 Finale Promo

Please do not do this to us. Let Amanda and Jack live with each other the rest of their lifes. It is not fair to us.

Supernatural Round Table: A Brand New Angel?!?

I second Patricia. Castiel has no more story. The writers would have been better off with just letting him stay dead after he exploded in season 7.

NCIS Round Table: The Wheels on the Bus

Abigail Borin............

Salem Season 2 Episode 5 Review: The Wine Dark Sea

I kind of like the over-the-top nature of the show. Everything nowadays seems to aim for "realism" and forget the fun aspect.

Sarah silva

I was disappointed how it ended. I really wish it would have been Jess.
Many people were predicting it was Abby and that Ben would take the fall for it. I really was hoping they would be wrong.
However I did know that Ryan signed on for 1 year so I guess I should have known.
I actually liked Cornell this episode.
There is deleted scene for those of you that live in the USA on ABC's site. I don't but read about it online.
It is 14 months later and Abby and her mom are missing and Natalie is asked to take the stand to say her sister killed Tom and supposedly they are all talking about Ben in the past tense. So of course we can bet that he was killed in jail.