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The Mentalist Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Black Market

I enjoyed every minute of the show.Yes when the show started I did think it was Patrick in the jewelry store with Teresa.I liked the way Teresa acted as a psychic medium.I can see when you are sick you do not think right.I think that is why Patrick asked Teresa if she would run away from everything just to be together that is normal to think like that when you are sick.It was nice to see Patrick's smiling while he instructed Teresa what to say to the listening audience.Well I can not wait for Sunday to watch the Silver Case episode.

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Absolutely awesome! And I am surprisingly happy to have Clara staying on as companion! More after I've rewatched!

The Best of 2014: 13 Foundation-Shaking Finales


Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 9 Review: Flatline

"The Doctor has been the guy who does unpleasant things to save the world
to keep others from having to make those (sometimes dire) decisions." That's the crux of the problem. In the real world the ends do justify the means. Good people can be good while doing unpleasant things.


Hi Carissa and fellow posters,
One of my Christmas presents was a digital copy of a movie Grace (Stephanie Szostak) made with Jon Cryer. My wife thought I would enjoy seeing the actresses' latest movie. The movie is titled "hit by lightning".. It is available on amazon. It was weird watching the movie, because all of the Grace emotions and idiosyncrasies were displayed. I guess those are characteristic of the actress. The movie is cute and dumb, and will make you chuckle. It is OK for all ages.

The Best Buddies on Television in 2014

I love Bamon friendship on TVD so much.


What an episode! Up, down, backwards, forwards..... I still don't know if I'm awake yet! - LOVED the Doctor driving the sleigh! If I'd've been there I'd've felt the same way! - And I agree totally - "Coming so shortly after Clara hugged The Doctor on Santa's sleigh and compared the two, here's hoping that is the very last time a reference to anything other than a friendly relationship is ever hinted at again". Let us PLEASE end the hints of inter-species romance between the millennia-old Time Lord and his seriously-young-by-comparison alien pets!
So - when do I get to see the Magician's Apprentice? I already know it will not be soon enough.

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Awake, or still asleep ;)

Doctor Who Season 8 Episode 13 Review: Last Christmas

Brilliant episode. Scary, mysterious, unnerving, humorous. All the things that make Doctor Who great and make it the one TV show that can do anything. Want to mix Inception with Miracle on 34th Street, the Thing, and Alien? Leave it to Doctor Who to do it and do it well. Did Santa hit reset? We already know that the Doctor knows Santa and calls him "Jeff" (a fine name, if I may say so myself). The dream Santa implies that he at least has some knowledge of Time Lord tech since his sleigh is "bigger on the inside".
So, we got to meet some good character, see Nick Frost play a wonderful St. Nick, see Clara and the Doctor reconcile, see Danny (and I do think in all those dream layers that she somehow got to see the REAL Danny Pink and say goodbye) tell Clara to move on, see the Doctor be honest and even jovial while still very much remaining the Doctor, and we finally got to see a reset on Clara and the Doctor. They both know themselves. They both were tormented by different things in Series 8.
Series 9 cannot come soon enough. The best Christmas Special since A Christmas Carol (I have long considered that one to be the best of the bunch), possibly even surpassing it. Unlike other Christmas specials (excepting End of Time, kinda), this one tied in to the series storyline. Thank you to the BBC, Steven Moffatt, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Nick Frost, and everyone else involved with this episode for giving us such a wonderful Christmas gift to unwrap.

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Rule #426

I love this show - I'm addicted. There aren't many sites recapping so please keep it up. I love how this show manages to balance humor/poking fun at human folly with the raw emotion of being in a relationship, going through divorce, etc. I personally think its brilliant. I hope its gets the viewership to keep it on for another few seasons.

Sleepy Hollow Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

Oh Sleepy Hollow, you break my heart.
-Best Episode, the premiere. It has Crane actually working towards getting Abbie out. Crane working with Jenny, a great combo, great abbie and Crane moments, and John Cho. Also Mama was good. In which Lori Mills was more helpful in ten minutes of screen time than Katrina has ever been.
- Just one worst? Definitely agree about the Demon Baby trope. Terrible.
-Best Character. Abbie Mills managed to grow as a character even though she was terribly sidelined.
-worst character. Without a doubt Katrina "Endless Whispers" Crane. There should be no questioning that. She was the weakest link in the first season and it just got progressively worse this season. There is no redeeming such a poorly written character. She's ineffective, useless, and a liability more than an asset.
Most Underused. Frank Irving was grossly underused. As was Jenny.
Best Ichabidism, probably playing Halo.
Overall grade, a C.