The Walking Dead: Watch Season 5 Episode 2 Online

Is it possible that Bob was crying because he actually got bit in the leg in that scene where the walker jumps out of the water and Gareth and crew actually ate an infected leg. Ain't karma a b***ch?

Homeland Season 4 Episode 4 Review: Iron in the Fire

I was so hoping Carrie wouldn't cross that line. Alas, she did. If you think about it, though, it's pretty much the same thing she did with Brody. I've always loved her commitment, but she's definitely gone the way of Quinn (who could totally be Orlando Bloom's brother) into lala land. Maybe he can help her before she destroys him AND herself.

Revenge Season 4 Episode 4 Review: He's Alive!

Oh, thank God someone agrees with me! I was literally asking myself if David could really be so naive as to believe Victoria! I mean after all the journals and evidence he left for Amanda/Emily. Not to mention his foresight in recruiting Nolan. Now I can see that good ole' Vicky just got served....only she doesn't know it yet. Hahahaha!!! I just can't wait to see what plate he uses. Of course now that he knows Emily is Amanda there's no telling what he'll decide. Oh, and I want Jack to grow his beard back. Super hot.


Jumping over the Fits versus Jake conversation. (Fitz is, was and will continue to be annoying arrogant when it comes to Olivia. Had to be said.) I miss Harrison's character! He brought quick-witted humor and energy to the group. When watching older seasons he balance the group needed to fall in line.

The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 5 Review: Shiny Objects

I too will miss Kalinda. She's brilliant. I hope they leave it so she can come back from time to time.


Good ep. Horrible special effects. That hand looked soooo skeevy!!! The best part of the entire ep was when Anna told Rump that she didn't give the apprentice guy the brew and he said "but why not"? Perfect line. Perfect delivery. Freaking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!


I knew he (Bob) was a goner.... when a character smiles too much and seems to happy that generally means they on they way out.


I don't get why the reviewer is blatantly ignoring history. We know half the lame predictions you make aren't happening. Torrio isn't going hat in hand to Nucky so they can beat down Lucky and Meyer. The gang war is no longer the focus. The focus is whether or not Nucky can set a few things right before he meets his own inevitable end whether it be a bullet or an arrest.

25 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

I only care for a small handful of the people on this list (Oberyn and Hershel, for example). But Sean Pierce from Nikita should've definitely been included on this list!! It's been well over a year & a lot of people are still angry about his death.

Z Nation Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Resurrection Z

I think they will bring Tom back.

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