Suits Review: Another You Problem

I hope Mike goes back to work at the firm. Not sure why but this season has not been as good as past seasons IMO. Still look forward to watching but not as much as before.

Sons of Anarchy Giveaway: Win Boot Bash Tickets!

This would be awesome to attend! Hoping I'm lucky enough to win. It would be a exciting experience plus a once in a life time opportunity for me to meet the SOA cast members couldn't do it any other way.

Elsa on Once Upon a Time: First Look!

The producers definitely made the right choice , Haig looks gorgeous in this dress and I am sure her performance in Elsa's character will be amazing . I watched Frozen movie just few days ago ,and I can't wait to see the premiere of the fourth season of OUAT .

The Bridge Review: Butterflies

Of course she is crazy, she made her associate cut off a dude's ear because he spilled on her......... but she seemingly has a moral code against killing "kids" I love this show!

Grey's Anatomy Season 11: All About Meredith!

Derek is a very important character in this tv show. And a very inportant person in Meredith's life. Please, we need more happy MerDer moments.

Kurt Sutter Comic-Con Interview

Sutter... you're sounding very together here... Is any writing getting done? Not use to you like this, a big fan of WTF Sutter!

9 TV Characters We Still Can't Accept Are Gone

I'm sorry, #9, Sophie Deveraux? Pretty sure it's even the same spelling as the Sophie Deveraux from Leverage. I miss the one from leverage. Screw this one :/

Graceland Review: Angels and Demons

Maybe it was the whole LAPD they dude seem to be evil

Extant Review: More Believable Than The Truth

John is written as way too perfect a husband - where I can I get one like that? Ethan, on the other hand, seems like something out of The Other - totally creeping me out.