Selfie Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Nugget of Wisdom

i loved the episode, especially when kevin was playing dj, so cute. selfie is growing on me


Love it


This exchange was the highlight of the episode and still has me laughing: Skye: Have you been drinking?
Hunter: I was undercover.
Skye: As who, Ron Burgundy?


I didn't feel it at first I might need to watch it again I did like the qoutes

Nashville Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Road Happy

I equate Jeff Fordham to V on OITB and I despise him so much I hope he gets run down by a speeding van driven by a terminally ill inmate who just escaped prison. That said, I'd absolutely love to see Maddie and Daphne get the opportunity to work on their music careers. I understand Rayna's desire to protect them from that, especially given Maddie's self-consciousness in last night's episode. But they're so talented, I'd just like to see more of it. As long as it's on Rayna and Teddy's terms and not a result of the manipulations of Snake Fordham. I'm over Will and Layla. They can go far, far away as far as I'm concerned. They're both ugh. I don't care that Will is gay and struggling with it anymore. It was an interesting storyline, but he has demonstrated absolutely zero growth as it relates to him being gay. He's still in complete denial and I'm over it. Grow a pair already. Also, still holding out hope for Juliette and Avery, but was a big fan of Derek Hough's character tonight. Oh and Zoe can join Will and Layla on their trip out of Nashville. She's too whiny and insecure about EVERYTHING.

Amanda steinmetz
@ zxygrl

Totally agree about Will. I understand it's country music and everything, but he shouldn't be this scared to come out. It's tiring to watch every week.


I liked Emily meeting Beckett - the way Emily looked at her, and asking if she ever played fairy princess with him, and Kate says "yes, sometimes."
That's something for the imagination :)

Castle Round Table: Rick Castle, Fairy Princess

“Chandel: His scene with Emily. I loved seeing him dressed up in that tutu, fairy wings and crown.” He didn’t have on a tutu, you’re projecting. LOL!
Although it would have added to his assemble'. ;D

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Good show. But, people should really watch DAMAGES to see what inspired it. The Glenn Close-led lawyer drama perfected the flashback, flash-forward, flash-sideways method of storytelling. And, they rarely put time stamps in, expecting the audience to know what was going on.

Castle Season 7 Episode 4 Review: Child's Play

“I do have to ask one important question...is there really such a thing as potato chip fudge ripple ice cream and am I crazy for wanting to try it? I don’t know about that, but it made me think of the chocolate covered potato chips at Niemen Markus. OMG! You wouldn’t think it but, YUM! Castle is so right about the sweet ‘n salty thing that happens. So no, you’re not crazy for wanting to try it. And the last time I bought some of the chips they even had a choice between milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate. Just kill me now. LOL.

Sarah silva

Another great episode.
I am glad that Thea is back. She does not seem angry anymore and I guess we have her dad to thank for that.
Speaking of Malcolm, I still do not trust him. He still has it out for Oliver. He was going to shoot Oliver with an Arrow if he would went in to the house.
I am not sure if Diggle will be okay with Lila and what she does, but doesn't he know what she about her work and the things she does already?
So we get the start of Laurel's transformation.
I still do not trust Ray, the look on his face when finally got access to the files that Felicity recovered was an evil look. I think he is bad.
However he does have some funny moments and how many bosses will allow you to take two personal calls, pull up personal information that your friend needs all while he is having meeting with you. Then to give you time off. Wish I had a boss like that.
I loved the Oliver and Thea conversation that lead Thea to tell her dad she wanted to go home with her brother. It is a matter of time before Thea joins team Arrow. However what will her name be? I could not help but think that Diggle, Roy and Olivier could have used her help when then went to recover the computer files.
Oliver is resourceful which I am sure he learned in his 5 years away that anything can be made into a weapon. I wonder how much the hotel bill was for Oliver....LOL
I thought it was wax that her poured on Thea's hand.
I agree with all you said about Laurel.

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