Arrow Season 3 Episode 18 Review: Public Enemy

No Time travel will be incoporated on Arrow thats what Marc Guggenheim said. (okay he said you don't need to watch the Flash to understand Arrow so why would they use time travel)
The writers were never bothered by the secret idenity part of the show so I don't think they will take it back. Oliver Queen can save the city now (I hear there is an opening for mayor) cause the Arrow is in prison

Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 19 Review: Get Back to Even

This is only episode 18.. You skipped #17 in your reviews :)

Shameless Season 5 Episode 10 Review: South Side Rules

I hope sammi is gone for good, they should have Carl "experiment while in Juvi, (just as i did and liked)


are they really going to "erase" this episode with this bullshit of time reset??? enough already! done in the Flash, it's not necessary here, because, these two are different shows, right??? Felicity, Olicity, Raylicity...blah...I get your point, but you need to consider that sometimes people are attracted to the wrong people. Felicity is not 40 or something, so she is indeed still that girl that will fall for the broody attractive guy with maniac tendency to be a martyr. she seems to fancy that...what can ya do!!?? as for Lance and the end of the episode...please!!! that was cheap and lame!


Metatron indicated that Lucifer was not really a viable solution. I think that was for the fans speculating that Lucifer coming back was the key to removing the Mark. Bobby was awesome. He is still the smartest hunter in the universe. Letting out all the surly Bobbies was great. Rowena meets her match, in Dean. Much like Sam was immune to Lilith. She has no affect on Dean, didn't see that coming. Dean can still control himself and he can still choose to do what's right over what's best. Sam driving the bus this episode....finally. I was beginning to think Jared had semi retired. And the best part of the episode for me Crowley. Not "Fairgus". Crowley the King of Freaking Hell. Give Mark Shepard a decent script and he will steal the entire episode.
Please show build on what you started here. No more stalling. Let's kick it in the ass.
And yes Sam you are a good man.


I saw the first episode and, unlike so many other new shows that falter at the beginning, this one shows a lot of promise. And despite their quirkiness, I actually liked all of the characters right away. This compares to a character like Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory - where it took some time to understand what Sheldon was all about before you could realized that he's not deliberately trying to be mean to others.

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester - Supernatural

Jensen and Jared are both great actors and the show is one of the best going today, with a large fan base that love the boys, including myself.


I LOVE mouse!! I wish that he had a bigger role. I also ship Nadia and him ;)


I have a feeling everything that happened tonight will end up being erased with the upcoming time reset on the flash... therefore I won't even bother saying anything else :)

Supernatural Round Table: What is Castiel Doing?

I watched the episode tonight, it was great, I really enjoyed seeing Jim Beaver again, wished they would bring him back. I want to see them rid Dean of that Mark and deal with Metratron, but that will come soon I hope. Love about six of the episodes my favorite being Executors song was the best of them. But you can't please everyone all of the time. I love the show and always will, and I pray it stay on a lot longer.