Haven Season 5B Premiere Review: Cleaning Up the Mess

I Must have watched a different version of the episode because the version I saw Dwight have a major role in the episode and you do not even mention him

@ Joey Peterson

He's in the recaps and the quotes. That's just the way the review portion played out.

Scandal Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Paris is Burning

Mellie and Cyrus are fun to watch because they are ruthless and amoral. . .neither one is remotely fit to lead this nation or any other. Fitz may be a bit spoiled and entitled but he is also compassionate, thoughtful and capable of changing with circumstances, that's not wishy-washy, it's recognizing that life evolves. At their core Mellie and Cyrus are exactly the same people they've always been, neither has learned anything from their loss(es) and each believes his ambition more important than anything else including someone's life. For the record, Fitz doesn't owe Mellie anything more than an apology for not ending his marriage much sooner. 'I couldn't do it anymore' Fitz said to Mellie and 'Everybody's changing on me' Mellie said to Cyrus. . .Fitz couldn't imagine spending the rest of his life in a loveless (arranged) marriage and Mellie is incapable of learning from her life experience (though she herself did change. . .before the rape she and Fitz were partners and friends at least and seemed to enjoy each other; after the rape Mellie became closed and distant and unreceptive, without explanation. . .Fitz put up with that for 10 long years before he met Olivia). Cyrus and Mellie will hopefully engineer their own destruction as they try to punish Fitz for actually being the man they claimed all along to admire (when in reality they just wanted someone they could manipulate)


This is what happens when they move things around.. The Originals were doing so great in the beginning but they move the damn thing every year!

Debbie scott petty

I'm surprised i liked it so much!! I was tired of Elena, too. Enzo needs to be a good guy!

Code Black Season 1 Episode 2 Review: We Plug Holes

What I want to know is...
Why does Marcia Gay Harden and Luis Guzman want to make me cry for an hour?

Jackie cowper

Have to say I'm loving the Bauhaus music. Takes me right back! I have the 12 inch Bela Lugosi's Dead - it goes on for ages. So expressive.


Always loved Karev, so this episode with him front and center was terrific. I thought the two most powerful scenes were the one with Alex and Arizona that you mentioned....the "pep talk" and Maggie's alien rant. Loved Amelia's naked scene as well and Bailey and Webber. Only thing I hated? The end with Maggie in the bar...UGH!

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OMG!!! Thank You. I thought that I was the ONLY who hated the ending with Maggie and DeLuca. I hope Maggie doesn't go there. She seems to be the type of girl that is either in a relationship or nothing. I think that Maggie needs to date more and open herself up to new experiences.

Castle Round Table: How Long Will You Watch?

The entire premise for the separation is sooo flawed, it's rediculous . Leave Rick to keep him safe. He's a world renowned author whose marriage was plastered on newstands world wide. If anyone wants to threaten KB'S investigation they know where to find clan Castle. Worst yet is KB being consumed by yet another obsession. When this case is solved does Rick wait again when the next obsession manifests itself.
The writers are going to have to do something when this mystery is solved to prove to fans that Beckett is worthy of returning to Rick. As of now, she is a major head case and returning isn't gonna satisfy the fan base. It makes her no better than Meridith. Kate will become the deep fried twinkie in the eyes of the fans.

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The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Marvin Gerard

The thing to remember about Red is that he has years of experience in Naval Intelligence. Top that with an excellent memory, and it's easy to see that Red knows his way around the underworld. Also, the fact that Liz's cover story was quickly dispatched just shows the power of the Cabal. This season is going to be another roller coaster ride.

Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 2 Review: The Witness

The episode is somehow predictable to me. Probably just a wild guess, but I got the plot figure out once I saw the bus massacre. What saved the episode for me are Tim Kang (he was one of the 2 eye candies with Owen Yeoman before he and Amanda Righetti retired from the show) and his family name in the episode (the first time ever that the unsub has Thai family name in Criminal Minds .. i was so obsessed with how the characters pronounced it more than following the plot :D silly me) as well as how Reid and Tara discussed about synchronicity. Reid usually bonds intellectually with someone who will eventually leave the show (Gideon for 2 seasons, then Blake for another 2 seasons along with lovely Maeve in season 9 briefly, and now Tara who guest-stars) ... For me, after 11 years of working in BAU, he should be allowed to have a counterpart in the academic aspect on the daily basis. Anyway I am having high hope for the next episode. Please give us something impressively gloomy. So far this season it is still on the average level to me.