2013-2014 Season Finale Awards: And the Winners Are...

Please continue this show forever. :). Its amazing. And Please bring Christina Yang back in the next season..

Major Crimes Review: On the Bubble

Another good episode. However, even though the writers are not going to be asking me for my opinion, I think Provenza and his nasty habit of cutting everyone off, especially Tau, is getting old. Really, really old. It's right up there with Rusty's ongoing rudeness to everyone he meets for the first time. What's that about? Which brings me to the number of colleges on the eastern seaboard. I'm sure that at least one of them would take him, yes? I guess I'm just tired of his dismissive air whenever Sharon makes a suggestion. My greatest fear is that he signed a long term contract with the show runners. Oh well, I guess that's what the mute button is for. Then there's Luke Perry. I've never seen him in anything else, so I was completely unfamiliar with his acting, but was good in this role. Even though I cannot imagine actually swooning or going ga-ga over an actor, I found it hilarious that the women were swooning, if only because it bothered the men so much.

Person of Interest Season 4: First Look!

Love POI. I love the unpredictable in it. The show keeps me on my toes. Can't wait for September!

Goodbye, Cristina - TV Fanatic

Grey's cannot loose Christina.. She is a brilliant actor.

The Bachelorette Review: Andi Dorfman Is Engaged To...

Bachelorette frenzy http://vinesnap.net/#Bachelore...

Marc Guggenheim Comic-Con Q&A

I am a little afraid because of what Marc said about "How you feel when someone you love tells you something that could make you fall out of love with them.??????? I love Oliver and Felicity together. I am loving their journey, so I can wait a little longer. I see why Oliver has to find himself and who he is because he has to grow and this journey, and him finally choosing the one woman he loves will help him in this journey. I can't wait for all the season 3 greatness. All the villains, back stories, other superheroes, flashbacks. OMG, I CAN NOT WAIT!!! As a side note: I love to hear Marc G., Andrew K., and Greg B. talk about this show. They have so much passion and love for the show and what they are doing.


Love POI. It's such an underrated show

Teen Wolf Review: No One Else Dies

Excellent recap of an amazingly complex episode. I was totally stunned by how well they are doing this show. How could we not cry when Liam fell into his Alpha's arms? Or the hot mystery that is Deputy Parrish.

Food Network Star Review: Problem Solving

I felt that Loreal would be the one to go home, especially after she failed to impress in a challenge that should have nailed. It's evident that somebody likes Sarah and according to different forums - it's not the fans.
Love the challenges this season and I hope Lenny is crowned winner.


This site is messing with us again. I lost my avatar, re-signed in and got it back, lost my comment but I had copied it so I did a paste and it came back, but I see the comment from Ani I was responding to is missing. Ani was quoting Jane's remark about Bosco and his team. Where did it go?