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No Damon and Elena?

White Collar Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Au Revoir

mixed feelings about the finale...I mean, I enjoyed the ultimate con...but it felt a little too bitter...Neal without Mozzie...sounds weird, right?

Narsimha chintaluri

Gos awful finale that's being blindly accepted by emotional fans. What was the point of the ENTIRE show if Neal STILL stole millions and will probably continue to pull art heists in Paris? And why is Peter okay with that?


Damon & Elena - The Vampire Diaries
Emma & Hook / Regina & Robin Hood - Once Upon A Time


Belenko is still out there and could come back down the line(if they come back)..........Annie saved his life so he really has no reason to go after her. Now Auggie and Deckert is a different story, however, since Auggie is planning on traveling the world.....it's not going to be easy for Belenko to track him down............but I think Belenko will want to get the Russians somehow for turning on him....... The season finale did leave some unanswered questions--I just wish we already knew if it was coming back............ I didn't necessarily like that Auggie supposedly is leaving the agency............. I'm not yet convinced that Annie wants to get married. Did you all catch her saying GOT IT after the screen went to black....................

The Taste Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Happy Holidays

They should send Nigella home next season. She should join Masterchef... as a contestant!


I guess Neal really did think he'd never really be free of the FBI and that's why he pulled the ultimate con..........Just read an article where all the major players have plenty of projects coming up............

Ronald simkins

This was a really good finale and in keeping with the "geist" of the show. I remember some theories that Neil would come to a branch or building and have to decide whether to go with Mozzie or Peter. I am glad he went with himself at long last. This was very satisfying ! It was very fitting that both Peter and Mozzie knew the truth about the final con!


I loved how they offered hints that Neil's death was a con and faked for those who could connect the dots before the final reveal. I liked how Neil made sure that Peter would finally figure out the truth by delivering the wine bottle. The shooting of the dummy, the EMT technician (who was the mystery woman in the FBI Photo), and the gun with only one bullet were all hints of the con. Neil knew that Keller was going to turn on him and planned for it (as well as setting him up to be killed when he tried to use an unloaded gun). Given their track record, I think that this was the only way Neil could get free of the FBI since they would probably have once again renege on their agreement. My only question is if Mozzie was in on the faked death or was also fooled (and if not, if Neil also made sure he found out eventually like he did with Peter). Given the smile on his face, I think that Peter appreciated that Neil let him know what really happened as a sign of their friendship as well as understanding why Neil did it (see above for the untrustworthy FBI comment).

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