Jamie Lee Curtis: Returning to NCIS!

Wrong casting choice with JLC and Gibbs. Have no problem with a women who is age appropriate, strong and has a forceful personality - I just don't think Curtis is a strong actor and so the connection just doesn't work no matter what. Please get rid of her - I want to keep watching NCIS and I'm not at all sure I will continue to do so if she is cast as a regular character on the show. They seem to be making a huge effort as well in the dialogue of making sure that we know that all the rest of the cast like her character so that we as an audience will like her as well but I'm just not buying it. They just kissed while I was typing this and I have to agree with "Toni" - this truly is a train wreck. I just cannot fathom or believe that Gibbs would actually be attracted to her. Honestly, JLC is fine as a spokesperson for yogurt but not as a part of the NCIS ensemble.